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Hazy Days [Autumn Shade X Floral Skater]

5 Oct

Happy Monday Everyone!girl in knitted hair band

These days have been hazy. School declared holidays and most people will choose to stay indoor and would wear a mask if going outdoor. Today I am wearing a warmer shade of red and pair it with a floral skater skirt. (This was the outfit I initially planned to wear on mid-autumn-festival; however the activity was cancelled due to hazardous haze @.@) In order to complete the Fall look, I chose a black knitted hair band and a pair of black pearl earrings to match the outfit.

girl in red shirt floral skater skirt

Autumn Floral Millionmars 2

Autumn Floral Millionmars 4

Autumn Floral Millionmars 5

This is not the usual combination that I would go to, but it is always good to explore and be experimental. I hope you like the way I style it!

Autumn Floral Millionmars 6

If your area is affected by the haze too, please make sure you drink lots of fluid and wear a mask when you are outdoor. Thank you very much for reading, wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead!


eiffel tower girl in cape coat

Bonjour de Paris! {Magical Eiffel Tower Tour}

versailles girl in the woods

Let’s Play In The Woods

Amazing 24 Hours In Las Vegas

Amazing 24 Hours In Las Vegas

Purple Lacey Dress [Talking About The Art Of Flirtation]

28 Sep

Happy Monday!
purple dress asian girl reading book

Millionmars Purple Dream 8

Millionmars Purple Dream 7

Millionmars Purple Dream 6

Millionmars Purple Dream 5

Millionmars Purple Dream 4

This dress is a love at first sight. A romantic combo of: off-the-shoulder, soft violet and lace. The moment I saw it, I know I need to have it :)

And the first time I wore this dress, two different guys came up to me and asked for my number. So I suppose this kind of dress can easily attract attention from the opposite sex. Today I would like to share a little about what I think about The Art Of Flirtation.

Flirting is a basic and fundamental element in all courtship. Therefore, I would say it is pretty important for those who are actively seeking for a life partner to practice and master it. It is an act to “show interest and desire” to the other party. To me, it is made up of 3 components:

  • Confidence: One of the best ways to charm the woman you are trying to talk to is by showing her confidence. However, no one is 100% confident about themselves, so I guess you will have to fake a little. Stand up straight, give a friendly smile; a firm handshake also helps a lot.
  • Be Funny: Most girls got impressed by the funny guy. No no, being fun is not about turning yourself into a clown. It just means that you should have sense of humour and try to make her feel joyful and laugh.
  • Challenge Her: Let her know that you are no interested in just any woman, but the right one that is up to your standards. This part is crucial, cos’ it differentiates men from the boys.

Millionmars Purple Dream 2

Flirting should be fun, and you must know when to quit. If you do not get positive respond from the woman, such as she never answer your call and doesn’t text you back for more than twice, she is just not that into you. Don’t keep calling, texting or sending flowers. You might end up being called a “stalker”.

Millionmars Purple Dream 3

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

Oh, by the way…

I don’t flirt anymore.

I am married.


[Exclusive] A Peek Into My Million-Dollar Dream Home

25 Sep

Ever wonder how my home looks like?
Millionmars Elysia Park 5

Last Sunday I invited the Ma Cherie girls over for tea. It has been a long time since our last gathering. Life is very busy after Annabelle’s birth, and I really long for some proper social life T.T

Millionmars Elysia Park 4That afternoon we had so much fun talking about our lives and share about visions and dreams. It is the first time they visit my place and also the first time I am sharing my private space with all of you…

Millionmars Elysia Park 6

It is always great to have the girls around, we can talk non-stop on any kind of topics, from fashion to technology, children, work, food and to the infinity and beyond…

Millionmars Elysia Park 7

If you ask me, how is my dream house look like?

It would be exactly like this.

pink floral dress asian girl

*Living Area*

My place is not big. But it is enough for a small family like ours. I like it this way cos’ I don’t have to work long hours on the house chores. Kitchen, living area and dining area are all in the same space. It makes the whole area more spacious and it is easier for a mother like me to take care of my babies. I can cook while the babies sleep on the couch or play in their playpen. And I can eat my dinner while watching my favourite Korean drama (I know, I know, bad habits… hehe…)

sofa couch living area

This is also where I spend countless nights, drafting and working on my awesome blog posts.

Millionmars Elysia Park 13

Now, let me show you what’s up there!

Millionmars Elysia Park 10

*Guest Room*

This is where we Kelvin’s parents would stay if they happened to be in town. When Isabelle grows older (or when she doesn’t want to share a room with her sister anymore), we would make this into Isabelle’s room :) But right now, whoever is visiting us from faraway land will still get to enjoy this :)

Millionmars Elysia Park 17

*Baby’s Room*

This is where Isabelle sleeps at night. She is two and a half now. We let her sleep on her own while Annabelle (5 month old) sleeps with me cos’ she still wake up occasionally for milk in the middle of the night. Every night I will read stories to my girls and tuck them in. I will play children songs for them and pray that God will comfort them and make them sleep through the night and rest well. Looking at them sleeping soundly gives me great sense of achievement and joy in my heart.

Millionmars Elysia Park 16

*Master Bedroom*

Then I will spend some alone time with him. It is weird that after we have children, I become even more clingy. I just wanna stay with him and listen to all his stories and adventures out there. He is probably one of the person that I know who travels too much. Just to give you an idea, he travels to 3-4 countries every month. At any point of time, his wallet would have 3-4 different currencies. Therefore when he is home, I feel like I want to be with him more and savour all the good times we can spend together.
Millionmars Elysia Park 19Nope, we don’t have TV in the room, cos’ we believe in spending quality time together.

Can you see the little “cot” near the window? That is where we place Annabelle. It is a very clever “detachable” cot, it can be attached to the bed so that I can closely monitor her at night. Hehe…

And you might be wondering…

Do I feel insecured or alone when he is not around? 

What do you mean?

We have a smart door lock \(0.o)/

Millionmars Elysia Park 11

No, I am not alone when he is not around. It is as wonderful, cos’ I can spend some alone time with myself. I normally make myself a cup of coffee or pour myself a glass of good wine and pick up a book to read. They always say, a woman who reads is a wiser and more sensible woman. And yes, I want to be that woman, whom her man will come home to her and talk through a tough decision with.

Of course, friends are very important part of my life. It is great to hang out with good people that share the same passion. It inspires and motivates me to be better on a whole new level!

Millionmars Elysia Park 3

(Oh my, I have so much potential to be The Stepford Wives)

Millionmars Elysia Park 8

If you are wondering where I stay…

Hehe… Here is where my dream home located.

The Elysia Park Residence

PT 199671, Nusajaya, Mukim Pulai, 79200 Johor Darul Takzim
Tel: 017-792 0089 Fax: +607-521 3129     Email:

Millionmars Elysia Park 1

Millionmars Elysia Park 2

Thank you very much for reading about my sharing on my dream home. Hope you find them inspiring too.

Note: No lah~ I don’t really own or stay in the house mentioned above (although I really wish I could). All of the stories above are what I have in mind when I dream about my new home. However, all characters appearing in this work are REAL. They are my real family and friends.

Dreams do make us feel more alive and motivated isn’t it?

Meanwhile, please connect with The Elysia Residence Park via their Facebook page HERE for upcoming event and interesting contest.

*Mid Autumn Festival*

The Elysia Park Residence is having a Back to the 80’s Mid Autumn Festival TOMORROW! Come and re-experience the good old times with live band playing 80’s classics, BBQ, Dough Figurine, DIY Tang Yuan, Tok Tok Candy & Dragon Beard Candy, FREE lanterns and goodies bags! It’s TOMORROW 5-9pm. Make sure you don’t miss it okay!

Mid Autumn Poster

See you tommorow~


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