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Catching A Train To Paris [Let’s Run Away]

28 Aug

When she met this man,

she knew it in her heart that she wanted to run away with him…
thalys train girl blue coat

It was a cold breezy morning, when I put on my blue jacket, I still couldn’t believe that we were doing this together. We were catching a train to Paris.

Yes, just the two of us.

I remembered I was so sleepy and could hardly open my eyes to take a proper picture, the sky was still dark when we went on board. Everything is just so dreamy…

couple in train

millionmars paris 7

And when the first sun ray shined through the window, I opened my sleepy eyes and saw a cup of hot coffee and a chocolate bun he has ordered for me.

How comforting.

millionmars paris 9

millionmars paris 13

millionmars paris 14

Being with him, sorts of make me feel like we are not getting any older when we have each other.

millionmars paris 12

The train moved in a very fast speed.

The cabin was pretty empty that day.

millionmars paris 8

It was drizzling out there.

However the skies were beautiful.

It was really quiet though.

He was holding my hand, telling me about the itinerary.

The world was so quiet, and my heart beats fast in great excitement.

I feel like we are running away.

(In a romantic sense of course… hehe…)
millionmars paris 6

millionmars paris 5

millionmars paris 4

Then it’s time for some good breakfast.

millionmars paris 11

You better feed yourself well before the adventure begins. He said.

millionmars paris 2

And he attempted to learn some French.

Uttering broken sentence that sounded really perculiar.

millionmars paris 10


millionmars paris 3

And here we were.


millionmars paris 15

You know, I love the life we live.

Sometimes, you and me just need to get away.

To take some time to reunite.

Some time to fall in love again.

Some time to feel the warmth of the sun.

millionmars 17

I wish I could live in this moment forever.

It doesn’t really matter where we are going.

My love, let’s run away with me.


Fear Of All Wives [When Your Husband Looks Younger]

13 May

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to share my thoughts on… Husband.

Millionmars Le HusbandHere’s how it all started… One day my brother was asking me, “What has Kelvin done, he looks so much younger lately…

Oh really? Does he?

I must say he keeps it well, even though we are from 2 total different age groups @.@

So if you are, too, wondering what has he done to look younger…

Here’s the great exposé! 

Millionmars De Era 10During a short trip to Ipoh, we visited this aesthetic clinic Klinik De Era, an integrated beauty medical centre that provides cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine (non-surgical and laser treatments) and beauty therapy.

Millionmars De Era 7When I first walked in, I was really surprised by how good looking Dr. Koh is. I mean, she really looks like a Korean star to me.

Millionmars De Era 11We were warmly welcomed and ushered into the consultation room.

Millionmars De Era 9Dr. Koh briefed us about the extensive menu of cosmetic procedures, aesthetic treatments, and health services that Klinik De Era provides. From Botox to facials… they offer a wide range of services to enable their clients to attain desired perfection – in beauty, health, and wellness.

Millionmars De Era 12After the consultation, Kelvin decided to treat his acne scar, by having the treatment called Fractional CO2 Laser. It simply means to use laser to remove layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method and the columns of skin are removed, leaving the skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing and so to help reduce spots, fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, uneven coloration, skin laxity, textural irregularities and dull tone. (Sounds like magic right?)

Millionmars De Era 13So, here we go:

Step 1: Cleanse the face and prep for the procedure.

Millionmars De Era 14Apparently my MR. finds it very enjoyable. Look at the fishy grin on his face…

Step 2: Putting on numb cream.

This is to partially “numb” the face and reduces pain during the procedure.Millionmars De Era 15It takes about 30 minutes waiting time for the numb cream to start having its effect.

Millionmars De Era 16And it’s action time!

Step 3: Let’s put on the safety glasses.

Millionmars De Era 17Step 4: LASER!

Millionmars De Era 18Although I were not the one doing it, but I believe it can be really painful. Kelvin told me it felt like burning and we can actually smell the burnt skin~

This is how it looks like UP CLOSE!

Millionmars De Era 19

Millionmars De Era 26After the treatment, Kelvin’s face looked all red and swollen! Doctor said this will go on for 1-2 weeks, and during the “down-time”, face will appear to be pink and sensitive.

Millionmars De Era 22Unlike conventional aesthetic clinic, Klinik De Era provides post-treatment therapy to sooth the skin. In a separate facial treatment room, a beautician applied aleo vera gel on Kelvin’s face to ease the burning sensation.

Millionmars De Era 20Then an “ion therapy” were performed to introduce cooling sensation to further sooth and cool the skin followed by a peppermint mask to end the whole procedure.

Millionmars De Era 21So for the next 2 weeks, Kelvin didn’t really experience any discomfort and I must say he didn’t really has his “down-time”.

Millionmars De Era 6Klinik De Era has 1 procedure room at ground floor and 6 facial treatment room at 1st floor. All injectable treatments will be performed by doctor and supplementary treatments will be done by beauty therapist.

Reception at first floor.

Millionmars De Era 3Facial treatment room.

Millionmars De Era 5

Millionmars De Era 25With the expertise of a team of highly skilled specialists, supported by the industry’s leading technologies and world-class facilities, Klinik De Era assures its clients with professional guidance and customized treatments towards the best desired outcome. Whether you seek the ideal skin, face, body or well being, you need look no further.

Millionmars De Era 8Klinik De Era is located at:

No. 7, Tingkat Taman Ipoh 12
Taman Ipoh Selatan
31400 Ipoh, Perak

Tel: +605-541 6182, +6013-533 7109 (after office hours)

(Good News: Now there are direct flight from JB to Ipoh via Firefly and Malindo Air)

Connect with them on facebook HERE to receive more updates!

As for Le Husband…

photo 3Looking all smart and charming…

photo 2

(ok lah, the picture was photoshop-ed to be published in the magazine)

But his skin condition and complexion does look better after the treatment.

Kill The Rabbit

One in four women worry that they look older than their spouse.

That’s a pretty annoying fact isn’t it?!

Wanna know what do I think?

My husband looks so young because I make him so incredibly happy and give him nothing to worry about. He can maintain a certain sense of youth when he is in a relationship with me. *Pat on my own back* It’s hard work being such a delight but it’s the risk that I take to keep him looking good ;)

Or maybe it should be my turn next time to fix eye bags and nasolabial folds at Klinik De Era… Keke…

Thank you so much for reading and have a splendid week ahead!


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Lately… About Being A Wife…

Lately… About Being A Wife…

It’s Good To Start Dreaming Again [Paris LV Incident]

It’s Good To Start Dreaming Again [Paris LV Incident]

Sorry Darling, I Know This Is Meant To Be Kept Secret ❤ [10th Anniversary Celebration Revealed]

Sorry Darling, I Know This Is Meant To Be Kept Secret ❤ [10th Anniversary Celebration Revealed]

[Pregnancy Portrait Part V] Being Strong

7 May

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

Millionmars RH8

And so, this will probably be the last pregnancy post and also the last episode of the pregnancy portrait series. (Sorry for posting this late, as I was too excited for the arrival… Hehe…)

You can read about the previous episodes here:

[Part I] I Am Still Me

[Part II] Bye Bye My Secret Dressing Room

[Part III] Happiness Starts From Within

[Part IV] Love Is Patient

It certainly feels like I have been pregnant for a life time long. And at the very last few days before the arrival of the baby, I have been thinking about how motherhood actually changes a woman.

It’s all about being stronger.

Millionmars RH11

Don’t get me wrong, strong is not about looking tough.

Millionmars RH10

If you were to simply look at my mother, you probably wouldn’t think she seems all that tough. Chances are she is wearing bright colors, sparkling jewelry, fresh lipstick, and a beautiful smile. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, beneath her feminine charms lies one strong woman.

It’s kinda like a quiet strength, which I believe to be greatest gift God has given to mothers. It is the kind of strength that builds people up rather than tearing them down. It’s the kind that inspires those around her to be more like themselves rather than more like her. It’s a kind that speaks of faith, hope, and love without a single word.

Millionmars RH6

Millionmars RH9

After becoming a mother myself, I secretly wish that I can grow to be like a mother like mine. She’s thrived, inspired, and found the silver lining in every situation. She knows it’s not what you do in life that matters, it’s how you do it. When you live a life of faith, kindness, encouragement, optimism and love, you can’t help but find success.

Since I was a little girl, I look up to her with awe. To her miraculous sparkle, to her steadfast spot in my world and I feel at peace. Thanks to my mother, I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Not only because my mother believed in me, but because she taught me how to find strength and faith in myself.

And that’s a mother — a woman — with the best kind of power, if you ask me.

Millionmars RH3

The world is celebrating Mother’s Day this coming Sunday by recognizing the extraordinary women in our lives. I hope that it will inspire you to thank your own mother, or the mother who most inspires you.

And what’s your story on motherhood? Do share with us at the comment box below :)
Millionmars RH5

Millionmars RH4

Here’s my favourite quote:

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Robert Schuller

Thank you so much for reading and have a Happy Mother’s Day!


[Pregnancy Portrait Part IV] Love Is Patient

[Pregnancy Portrait Part IV] Love Is Patient

[Pregnancy Portrait Part II] Bye Bye My Secret Dressing Room

[Pregnancy Portrait Part II] Bye Bye My Secret Dressing Room

[Pregnancy Portrait Part III] Happiness Starts From Within

[Pregnancy Portrait Part III] Happiness Starts From Within

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