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Best Spa In Johor Bahru [i-SPA]

3 Jul

Hello Everyone! 

How’s your week so far?

I am so glad that it is almost weekend! Ever since I started working, I look forward to weekend a lot, because that’s when I got to spend more time with the little ones :D (Life sort of changes after you have babies… Weekends no longer equal to parties…)

Today I would like to share about my recent visit to the most exclusive spa in Johor Bahru – i-SPA.
Ispa 21i-SPA is located at Austin Heights Golf & Country Resort, apparently the first and largest one-stop family spa centre that operates for 24 hours a day. I have been hearing various people talking about it. And when the invitation came in, I knew it will be the perfect excuse to pamper myself a little.

And what is so good about it?

Let me show you…

Upon arrival, we were being greeted warmly by the friendly staffs :) And after registered at the counter, we were given a water resistance electronic key that we wear on our wrists.

We were being directed to the locker area to get ourselves changed.Ispa 32All our belongings were being stored in a locker. I would say it is pretty safe because the locker can only be opened when you scan it with your key after the locker keeper scans her tag.

Ispa 31Everyone, please meet my Ma Chérie kaki ->Kim! After we changed into our comfortable “spa attire“.
Ispa 25i-SPA provides kimono-style robe too, in case it gets chilly…

It was my first time here, so I have asked for a tour.

First stop, the VIP lounge…

Ispa 9*The view is so nice~*

There we learned about the establishment. i-SPA consists of 3 floors:

First Floor: Reception, Gents & Ladies Locker Area, Water Relaxing Hub, Changing Area, Restaurant, Manicure & Pedicure Parlour.

Second Floor: Lounge Bar, Children Playground, VIP Area, Movie Theatre, Cyber Cafe, Massage Area, Cafeteria, KTV Room, Snooker Area, Rest Hall.

Basement: Massage Room and Capsule Room.

Kim and I were discussing about how we should spend our day here…
Ispa 15Oh ya, did I mention that they provide us with matching slippers too?~ *Hehe*

Ispa 30So we decided to have our lunch first at the Forest themed restaurant located at 1st floor.Ispa 16Lunch was being served in buffet style with lots of excellent choices.Ispa 11It comes with free flow of coffee, tea and ice cream!Ispa 12After feeding ourselves with the scrumptious food, we headed to the movie theater to catch a movie. Ispa 27There are 2 movie theaters, showing Mandarin and English movies simultaneously.
Ispa 28Best thing about it?

You can enjoy the movie while lying on a huge comfortable reclinable chair…

After the movie, we headed for the…

Ispa 14

We immersed ourselves in the jacuzzi spa and relax while the massaging jets creating wonderful bubbles and move water around us. Kim and I were sitting side by side, quietly enjoying some peaceful moment away from our busy daily lives and had a good conversation talking about our dreams…

About 20 minutes later…
Ispa 26We went into the sauna room. (Btw, I finally invented a pose that can hide all my tummy fats *applause*)

It has 2 sauna rooms and 1 steam room beside the spa. You can see I was wearing my swim wear, but in fact i-SPA provides paper bra and panties. Which means you really don’t need to bring your swim wear.

After sauna, we took a shower and went for the massage. The bathroom is really well equipped with shampoo, shower gel, and other amenities such as contact lenses solution, toothpaste, powder, comb, cotton buds, hair spray and so on…

Ispa 2

ispa 1


i-SPA has an impressive menu of massage services, Chinese or Thai style; from head, shoulder, foot and leg; to cupping, scrapping, ear candling etc…

I booked myself a Chinese style head & shoulder massage and it was conducted at the rest hall by a very experienced masseuse. It was a 30 minutes massage and was so comfortable until I nearly doze off…

Here is the rest hall, secluded behind the tinted glasses to provide quietness and privacy.Ispa 5The rest hall consists of lines of reclinable chairs, each attaches with a screen, keyboards, mouse and headset. There you can rest, surf the internet or watch movies online.

Image Credit: I-Spa

Image Credit: I-Spa

After the massage, we went to the cafeteria located at 2nd floor to snack on some curry puffs and chocolate muffins.Ispa 24From her face you can tell that the massage is really good.

It was such a delight to have a cup of coffee and snacks after the wonderful massage.

Ispa 17Just when I took the first sip of my coffee, suddenly the “wedding march” song played on the speaker and about 6 dancers each holding a stem of rose started dancing beside me… O.O

What’s going on?

Ispa 23Then I realized that they were having a rehearsal for a surprise wedding proposal! *How romantic* :) Later I read from the page that the girl said YES! If you are curious like me, you can click HERE for the story :D

And It’s KTV Time!Ispa 18Karaoke experience redefined when one can lie down and sing at the same time!

Ispa 22Then, it’s dinner time…

(T.T) How I manage to lose weight if keep on eating like this…Ispa 20The selection was wide. Dishes consist of local cuisine, Japanese sushi, western food, salad bar, cakes, ice cream and a chocolate fondue~
Ispa 19Some of the facilities that we didn’t get the chance to explore are:

Hair Saloon Ispa 8

Cyber CafeIspa 7

Snooker AreaIspa 6

Manicure & PedicureIspa 4

Capsule RoomIspa 10Capsule room is an interesting feature. (For your information, the entrance fee covers a 24-hour stay in i-SPA.) If you choose to spend a night here, you can reserve a capsule room at the counter at RM10 on weekdays & RM18 on weekends. A capsule room will be perfect if you are staying over night on your own; but if you are here with friends and family, you can reserve a bigger VIP rest room with 4 beds at RM100/room.Ispa 13Kim and I decided that we can share a room to save some money… *Hehe*

Well, so till here, my “mini vacation” has come to and end. It has been a wonderful experience to spend a day in such an exclusive spa with a good friend. You can read about her experience HERE. If you asked me, I would say it is a great place for family recreation and girls outing. Very friendly environment for the children and elderly. I might bring my mum along on my next visit :)

I think she will like it~

For those who are interested, below are the entrance fee list:

Weekends & Public Holiday

  • Female RM 114.50
  • Male RM 135.70
  • Child RM 40.30


  • Female RM 93.30
  • Male RM 114.50
  • Child RM 40.30

Complimentary services includes: Buffet & Dessert, Spa & Sauna, Snooker, Cyber Cafe, Locker, Dress, Cinema and Rest Hall.

Optional add-on services includes: Massage, Hair Saloon, Facial, Manicure & Pedicure, Karaoke, Capsule Room and Lounge Bar.

Ispa 29Thank you so much for reading, I hope this review gives you an insight of how i-SPA experience is like :) You can connect with them via Facebook to receive latest news and promotion deals!

Till next time…


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Life Is Like A Dream [Dream Cafe Review]

25 Jun

Hello Everyone!

How’s your week so far?

I have been very busy catching up with works while raising 2 kids at the same time :) Life is starting to get really exciting especially when the little one refuses to sleep at 4a.m. in the morning~ (I am typing this post single handed while my other hand holding the baby who just fall asleep at 2 a.m.)

My life has been very eventful after my confinement :) We brought babies out to shopping and attend gathering and food review together! I must say that I am becoming better and better in handling babies now… Hahaha…

So, today I would like to share a bit on our recent dining experience at Dream Cafe located at Taman Mount Austin.

It is a cosy cafe with simple and industrial interior deco.



They have an “open” kitchen concept where you can see how your food being prepared through the glass :) I personally like this idea, because only restaurant with handsome chefs confident on their cleanliness and good hygiene practice is willing to do so.

So, here are the few dishes that we have sampled. I am quite a picky eater, and I must say all the dishes are nice and reasonably charged.

Thai Style Salmon Salad @RM15.90

2015/06/img_3355.jpgFried Oysters with Homemade Tartar Sauce @RM13.90


Herb Butter Dory with Raisin Rice @RM15.90


Salmon Steak with Herb Crush @ RM32.90

photo 2 (9)

Cauliflower Soup with Spicy Sour Cream @RM8.90

photo 4 (6)

Beef Bolognese Pasta @RM22.90


Milk Pudding with a scoop of Ice Cream @RM11.90

If you asked me what’s so special about this cafe, I would say it’s the effort that they have put in to make every dish perfect. I can see it from the details like, they choose to make their own dip sauces, cook bolognese sauce from scratch and blend their own mashed potato. Personally, I am very touched by the passion and sincerity of the chef. When most cafes are serving ready-to-cook pasta sauce and 3-in-1 coffee, they prefer making everything themselves and I think that is what distinguishes Dream Cafe from the rest.


This is Patrick, the young and handsome man behind Dream Cafe.

photo 4

It was a really fun occasion to me. A food review session turned into Ma Chérie girls gathering!

photo 3

Here are snippets of the gathering~

Princess Neverland (UP) and Extraordinarinn (DOWN)


My inspiration, Jennifer from Imjennifer


Lastly, you must really come to Dream Cafe at Taman Mount Austin. Even though this is a sponsored post, but I really like their food and think you should try it too!

Connect with them via Facebook or contact them at:

No.27, Jalan Austin Heights 8/4,
Taman Mount Austin,
Johor Bahru.
07-364 1052
ma cherie dream cafe
Wanna know what the other Ma Cherie girls say?
Click to read more from: EuniceLer Travel and Kim!
Thank you so much for reading and have a nice day!
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It’s Good To Start Dreaming Again [Paris LV Incident]

7 Mar

Hello Everyone!

Millionmars Paris Metro 1

How’s everything at your side?

The past week has been an extraordinary one to me. I have realigned myself to adapt to a new work-life schedule. And I feel really amazing! The new time table has allowed me to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on time, get off work on time, reach home on time and able to spend more time with Isabelle and dear husband. Although following a schedule and time table strictly means there’s little or no flexibility at all, i.e. no last minute tasks or appointments etc… But I have never experienced such bliss ever since I entered the work force :) And besides all that wonderful feelings, I found that I have more time to “dream” again~ And that’s is why despite being heavily pregnant now, I am still taking up the challenge in steering 2 major projects, that includes one internal branding and communication program!! I can’t help but feel very excited about what are coming up next:

– The arrival of the baby

– Work my ass to get back into shape

– The implementation of the upcoming projects

– Travel plans (hot air balloon in Turkey sounds good?)

– And a plan to start a new business…

Although they are still “dreams” at the moment… But being able to dream again makes me feel so alive…

Millionmars Paris Metro(#throwback pictures at Paris Metro station…)

[Paris LV Incident]

That day when I browsed through the pictures in my computer, I recalled of an interesting incident in Paris which I would like to share a little about it :)


So here it goes, Kelvin and I were touring around Paris and I was carrying a LV bag with me. I must admit that I am not particularly good in taking care of handbags and just when I wanted to take a bottle of water out from my bag in front of the Notre-Dame de Paris, the zip just snapped and broke!!

Oh oh…

I quickly becoming panicky and keep asking Kelvin, “How??” He grinned and showed me a rather amused facial expression,

Babe, how did you manage to do that?

LV Paris Millionmars 4

I don’t know… It just broke like that…

I really don’t think that it’s my fault… How?

Then we deduced that since we are in Paris, it shouldn’t be too hard to get it repaired. So, here we are, at the tourism landmark of ChampsÉlysées,

Louis Vuitton

LV Paris Millionmars

We were so lucky that the queue was not long and we waited for about 5 minutes before we were being ushered into this building filled with the most sought-after luxury goods in the world.

LV Paris Millionmars 1

There were so many people in there and we had to ask around for the repair and service department. One friendly French lady told us that it’s located at the 4th floor. And when we finally found the lift, there’s no access to 4th floor. So we went up to 3rd floor and tried our luck. We were greeted by another polite French staff. And when we asked him how to get to the 4th floor, he told us:

There’s no 4th floor…”

What? Really?

“Then where is the repair and service department?”

“Oh you want to get to the repair and service department. This way please.”

He then led us to another lift and brought us to the repair and service department located at 4th floor. There, we were attended by a beautiful lady and when I showed her my snapped-and-broken zip, she inspected carefully and told us that they should be able to fix it immediately.

She then took my bag and entered a room with a huge glass window. Inside there were various colours of threads and tools, and an old craftsman with glasses on. He looked at my bag and started fixing it with his delicate tools. And within 10 minutes, the zip was repaired!

LV Paris Millionmars 5

I still felt lucky that the zip snapped and broke in Paris cos’ I really have no idea what to do with it if I were in JB. Send it to the nearest store? In Singapore? Or Kuala Lumpur? And how long would it take for them to repair it?

LV Paris Millionmars 3

How do you normally service and repair your LV handbags?

Share with me at the comment box below :)

Thank you so much for reading and wishing all of you a great week ahead!

Happy Dreaming~


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Paris Is Always A Good Idea~

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