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Review: EVA Air Hello Kitty Royal Laurel Class Taipei To Singapore

1 Feb


eva air hello kitty

I still couldn’t believe my eyes when I hold the boarding pass to board the cutest jet ever:

EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet: Royal Laurel Class 

eva air hello kitty airplane

At first glance, you can tell this is not a normal flight. Instead of the Eva Airways usual white, green and orange color scheme, this plane has a big Hello Kitty, Kiki&Lala and Melody painted on it.


As soon as I boarded the plane, I was greeted by the flight attendant with pink Hello Kitty apron.

kiki lala pillow eva air

And when I walked to my seat, I was welcomed by the pillow with the cute pillow case!

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

eva air welcome screen

Even the inflight entertainment welcome screen has Hello Kitty on it.

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

I slowly settled myself and explored the features and services at the comfort at my seat.

On my right is the inflight entertainment system control and reading light.

inflight entertainment control

Near my arm rest is the seat control. Guess what, I am able to make a flat bed out of it!

eva air seat control

Headsets for the Royal Laurel Class.

eva air headsets

Space for foot rest.

eva air foot rest

Some space for my bags and blanket.

eva air magazine rack

Shortly after I sat down, I was being served the welcome drink, with a choice of champagne and juice. I decided to go for pineapple juice cos’ I can have the champagne later with my meal.

eva air pineapple juice

More Sanrio characters on the wall.

eva air sanrio characters

Comfortable cushion belt.

eva air cushion belt

The is one of the interesting feature I found. A pop-up arm rest.

eva air arm rest

eva air arm rest

So if you need more space to move around, you can keep it down. And when you are sleeping and don’t want to fall off the seat, you can press the button and have the arm rest up.


eva air sky gourmet menu

A menu with Hello Kitty on it!






An impression selection of wines and beverages.


The lavatory seems to be the highlight of the Hello Kitty service too.

eva air lavatory

Hello Kitty exclusive set of foaming hand wash, facial mist, cologne and body moisturiser.

hello kitty paper cup

Hello paper cup.

hello kitty toilet roll

To my great surprise, Hello Kitty toilet paper!


Shortly after the plane took off, when I was busy browsing through the movies selection offered by the inflight entertainment system, the friendly air stewardess served me a small portion of assorted crackers snacks.

assorted Snacks

And a glass of San Pellegrino  sparkling mineral water.

sparkling san pellegrino

The Hello Kitty coaster is just too cute!

hello kitty coaster


My meal table can be pulled out from the compartment above my arm rest.

eva air hello kitty royal laurel class

What really impressed me is the beautiful table cloth.


For starter, I have Marinated Shrimp, Smoked Trout and Eggplant Stuffed with Minced Chicken Tomato. Paired with a glass of Champagne Collet Rose.


The napkin sleeve with Hello Kitty on it.image

A close up for you, in case you missed that Hello Kitty! image


Some garlic bread~image

For main course, I ordered the Stewed Beef Bourguignon with Mixed Vegetables and Potato Gratin.image

Great details, a star shape carrot.image Some fruits after the meal :)image

Dessert: Raspberry Flavoured Chocolate Terrine with Fig Compote.image

Green Tea

The Hello Kitty Jet experience is really one of a kind. The cute-ness in all the details really make all passengers feels like a 8 year old again.


I reached Singapore in the afternoon, feeling rejuvenated and happy. The crew once again thanked all the passangers for flying EVA Air on behalf of Hello Kitty.

I certainly had a great time with Kitty and her lovely friends :)

And it is only natural to bring back the only souvenir I bought in Taipei:


Hope you enjoy the article! If you would like to find out more about Hello Kitty Jet, you can visit Eva Airways HERE.

eva air hello kitty airplane

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

God bless you.


Monday Blues [Silk Scarf X Pearls]

18 Jan

A private room. Pink strawberry soda. Printed scarf. White bed sheet. Jewelry. Impressive brunch menu. Day dream.

My ideal way of dealing with Monday blues.Millionmars Monday Blue 8b

Millionmars Monday Blue 4

Millionmars Monday Blue 6

Millionmars Monday Blue 3

Millionmars Monday Blue 5

Millionmars Monday Blue 7

In my entire career life, I always look forward to Monday. Cos’ Mondays are always exciting, full of energy and power. And I am kind of turned on by all the challenges and adrenaline rush associated with Mondays. However, these few weeks have been extra stressful due to some new projects, sudden change of plans and most importantly Isabelle was sick and having a hard time adapting to school. I am surviving on an average of 5-6 hours sleep everyday. My to-do list has piled up to a new height that I find it overwhelming…

Millionmars Monday Blue 1

Therefore, I have decided to take some time out and show some compassion to myself.

Millionmars Monday Blue 2

What about you? What do you do when you feel it all becoming too much? Share with me in the comment box below.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing you a great week ahead!

God bless you.


Special thanks to Taxim Hill Hotel for the hospitality.


EAT PLAY SHOP Under One Roof [Bandar Sunway Resort Suites Review]

26 Dec

Merry Christmas!
Sunway Resort 2

First of all I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! On this joyous day, may your life be filled with abundance of love and blessings.

In a recent family reunion trip to Ipoh (from Johor Bahru), we have the privilege to spend a night at The Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway. It has become our choice because:

  1. Spacious: We were bringing Isabelle along, therefore I needed a more spacious room. (You have no idea how much more stuffs you need to bring when you have kids. Plus, kid needs room to run around…).
  2. Perfect location: It is right next to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (and instant access to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park).
  3. Under One Roof: Sunway Pyramid Mall is connected with Resort Suites lobby, which means we don’t have to drive around for food and place to shop. (You know, the traffic in KL is forever congested… And the GPS is not always working…)

When we checked in, we were really impressed by the room.


The room has a double bed, a dining table for 4, a fully equipped kitchen, a study table, and a bathroom with bathtub :D

Sunway Resort 5

Sunway Resort 7

Sunway Resort 1

Sunway Resort 3

It is such a lovely kitchen. I was so tired out and my body needed time to recover from the trip, or else I would have cook some simple breakfast for my family :) If you are looking for a self-contained hotel room to spend a romantic staycation or getaway… Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway would definitely be your perfect choice!

Sunway Resort 4

Sunway Resort 6

It was a pleasant stay at the Resort Suites. We spent some good time shopping at the Sunway Pyramid, had a splendid dinner at TWG Tea and watched Kung Fu Panda in our homey self-contained hotel room.

It is my kind of family getaway.

Cos’ it’s a combination of the two things I am endlessly passionate about: Family & Travel :)

Plus, the hotel also provides complimentary Wi-Fi and a flat screen TV with a DVD player :)

Sunway Resort 8

The reception area is located at 12th floor, when you check-in the hotel, please proceed to the concierge located at B1 of the Pyramid Tower :)

In this holiday season, if you are dropping by KL or planning a family vacation, you definitely want to check out The Resort Suites at Bandar Sunway. And the GREAT NEWS is

THEY ARE HAVING A PROMOTION till February 2016!!

 >>Click HERE for more information<<

Sunway Resort Suites 1

Thank you very much for reading and have a Merry Merry Christmas!


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