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Call Me Little Bubble~

6 Jan

Greetings everyone! How are you in 2013?

Greetings 2013

Today when we were on the way to work, I told Kelvin that I think I am still in the pre-Christmas mood. Kelvin looked at me and said something like this: “Pre” is before, you should say “Post-Christmas”… I smiled to myself.

Yupe! That’s exactly how I feel now, BEFORE Christmas and I just couldn’t believe that we are in January already!

I have been resting since the discovery of my pregnancy through November and December and it’s like I have time-travelled from October 2012 and landed in January 2013 missing all the festivities…! Daily life of mine during this period is sleep, eat, work a little and then sleep again and repeat the cycle. I am living in my own little bubble and not interact with anyone besides my husband and my mum. How does that feel? I don’t know how to describe in words…

It’s something like you are travelling in a isolated small space-bubble heading to Mars.

Along the way, you experience all the:

1. Space adaptation syndrome (nausea and weightlessness)

2. You eat “space food” (things that don’t normally appear in your diet)

3. Sleep by yourself

4. Talk to yourself most of the time

5. At the same time anticipating to reach the destination you always dream of

6. Researching and reading about Mars and learning Martian

I hope you sort of get the picture now :)

And it is all because of this “isolation”, I notice that I have more time to spend with God. Pregnancy does make me come to understand God’s love towards us more. And each day as my baby grows, I come to realize that God is so amazing. Although I have not been attending church for many weeks already, but I have never felt so close to Him.

So this last Christmas became extraordinarily meaningful to me. I didn’t do any Christmas shopping, not decorating Christmas tree, not having a big feast with friends or family, no romantic Christmas getaway and I did not get lots of fancy gifts this time. And without all these sugar-coating of Christmas, I see the true meaning of Christmas clearer: Hope and Love~ It’s always about the love of God and the hope Jesus Christ came to bring for all of us.

Christmas Carol

At Eunice’s Christmas party. This was probably the only one party (activity) that I attended throughout November and December wearing my first maternity dress, looking fat and feeling blessed.

Christmas 2012

Lastly (before I end my not-so-well-structured post), to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading my blog. Although I don’t update very often now, but I am so grateful that you are there with me all these while when I am going through a transition period to my new chapter of life. I feel so blessed to have this blog and the ability to write, and having all of you out there to share my happiness.

May God’s love and peace be with you wherever you are and wishing all of you a wonderful and fruitful year ahead.

Red Maternity Dress

XOXO Eryn :)

OMG! Eryn throws a party and no one shows up!!

19 Dec Eryn plays hostess...

To be honest, I hate hosting party. I hate it when I made so much effort to organize a party and nobody even bother to response to my invitation :(

Then I started all the “Nobody loves me” kinda thoughts. Then I wipe my tears and start to message and call everyone, “Hi! Are you coming to my party this Saturday?” (In a cheerful happy tone).

Most of the time the response will be:

“Oh, who is on your guest list?”

“Erm… I am not sure…”

“Ok, but I’ll drop by after A’s party and I can’t stay long cos’ I need to rush to B’s party.”

“Is C going? I will go only if she goes.”

“Do I need to RSVP?? I eat very little…”

“Well, it depends. I can’t tell you now. But just don’t count me in first ok?”

And sometimes people said they will come but never show up. And when you call them, they tell you they forgot or their boyfriend/girlfriend just decided to take them out for dinner and they are not coming… It sucks right?

(You may think it’s funny, but it really happened to me before!!)

However, this year, I have got a list full of nice and lovely people who response promptly and kind enough to offer help on getting stuffs and preparing food (I still can’t believe it!).

Then I thought to myself, probably all the hassles are there to bring out the joy! (No pain no gain right?!) *Big Smile* Planning on the decoration is particularly fun for me. Like this candy tray:

Photo Corner:

Gift Tags:

Table setups and other stuffs

Then on the program: magic show, songs, games, presents…

Self-painted frozen toes:

Christmas to me is always magical, dreamy and somehow romantic… And I believe Christmas is the time of the year, to relax, to holiday and to spend quality time with family and friends! And having so many people around to celebrate together makes this day even more merrier, lovable and memorable…

Click on the picture to see the animated image!!!

Considering the joy and all the fun:

BABY, let’s do it again!!

Christmas In Making

10 Dec

December is my favourite month of the year because everything looks extra nice… with ribbons, beautiful lights and glittering Christmas trees. Kelvin and I have decided to throw a Christmas party at our place this year… we are doing it a little bit differently this year and I am all excited about it!!

And here’s some pictures of our Christmas in making:

We do not have a Christmas tree at home. Mainly because I am not a big believer in the “Christmas-must-have-a-Christmas-tree” idea. Although I love beautifully decorated Christmas tree and professionally done houses, the tasteful ones. This is what I set up for this Christmas.

This is where, under it, I will stack all the presents!

A nice Christmas wreath…

A centerpiece to place beside the Christmas feast…

And also, I am sewing my own Melinda Looi inspired dress :)

Hopefully I can wear it soon…

And despite being a naughty wife, this is my Christmas present from Kelvin :)

Cannot open until Christmas… Hmm…

I happily look at the RSVP list, and there are still a lot to be done!! Christmas food menu, wines, festive nail designs, lights, more lights and gifts!

I love Christmas, for beyond all the fancy multi-coloured lights and delectable feast; it’s about exuberance, joy, and magic!!

Merry Christmas everyone~

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