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Little Black Dress

9 Dec

It’s December!!

The time when everyone is looking for something special to wear to Christmas party and beautiful weddings… And ever since Coco Chanel declared that the height of sophistication was wearing a Little Black Dress, it becomes an essential garment that woman can’t do without in their wardrobe.


Every girl has a different interpretation of her own on LBD. To me, a little black dress is a simple short dress that is meant to be long-lasting and versatile. My kind of little black dress should be a timeless piece, a dress that is suitable for a business meeting or a dinner date. And it is exactly what I see in this this piece I am wearing today :) This one shoulder drape dress gives such a mature and feminine aura while the dark hue pays tribute to the timeless nature of our little black dress.



As you might already knew, I adore all things that blinks and sparkles, and this dress has got a jewel pad on the shoulder part, which is very likely to impress whoever that I meet in the party :) I paired this outfit with a heart shape crystal clutch and a pair of crystal slippers. I instantly feel so princessy and elegant!





I wore this cute dress to a cousin’s wedding celebration. And during the dinner, there was this love story video playing on the screen. I specifically remember the part when the bride was recording herself after the hen’s night party, her face was full of tears and she said something like this, I hope I never regret the choice that I’ve made today, to marry you. I trust in your promise that you will take care of me and cherish me till forever… It is a part that really touches my heart. To me, getting married is the most important milestone in a woman’s life, it is when a free spirited girl decided to commit to the only man in the world for her, in a hope (and faith) that this only man will honour and cherish for the rest of her life.


It is a season of weddings and I pray that God will bless every union and continue to shower the couple with love and grace ❤

Special thanks to MysteryLand for this lovely dress. Please visit their stores located at Level 5-20 JB City Square or Level2-120 KSL City for many more sophisticated dresses!

Thank you so much for reading and we wish you a season filled with LOVE!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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Official Collaboration with MysteryLand!


Sometimes We Forgot To Play

Glitter Blue 3

When Everything Else Fails…

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She had a Secret Rendezvous…

11 Nov

OE9 copy

Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time. Have a secret rendezvous on a trip without anyone knowing it. Wearing my favourite strand of pearls, I check my look in the mirror a hundred times before running to the appointment, just to make sure I look perfect.


With tender steps and soft movements, I walk in great anticipation to the meeting. I started imagine the warmth, the smell and the lovely glass of champagne waiting in a tall crystal champagne flute, bubbling…


My heart thumps harder as I move from one floor to another. My hands turn cold and I think I am shaking a little. Both inside out…


In my purse, there is this little key that opens up the beautiful white wooden crafted door. The sun shines in through the glass window, bringing in light and warm. Almost there… my heart is filled with joys and fears.


Clocks forgot times, and that moment froze, in eternity. It left me in that particular time and space, with myself… walking one step closer to the secret rendezvous.


The charming chandelier is shining vaguely. The corridor is full of sweet fruity smell that reminds me of all the excitements and intensity of the pleasure.


And who knows, there might be a lovely expensive gift waiting for me in the room, glittering in sparkling glows… With a love poem attached to it.


Today, I am an elegant and dreamy woman, going to a special secret date in this charming old European hotel. There is no need to act, I feel exactly like that woman. Dreamy is the word to describe myself in these days.


Romantic love is an illusion…

I wish I never discover the truth… and indulge in the sweet emotions of love forever…

Thank you so much for reading.

Have a lovely day!

XOXO Eryn ❤

Eryn W2

I’ll Be The Only Fox In The World For You…

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Life On Mars


Love Your Wives

September Issue

21 Sep

Hi everyone! How’s September treating you?


It has been a lack of updates from me recently, life is really busy as I started working after my maternity leave. September has been a good month to me. God is good. I am blessed with really good people who help me, on both personal matters and work stuffs. This month is filled with new projects and restructuring programs. I am so ready to push myself harder from where I am now and let the creative juice flows~ Many times I really feel like a lonely little girl, dreaming in a big big world. Passion really drives me. I am drafting up several improvement projects and wish that I have more fungiform papillae on my tongue to speed up the product development process (I am a food technologist sort of by the way).


Besides all these, I have a huge event (the 2nd biggest for me in 2013, first is Isabelle’s birth of course) coming up which I am really really excited about. I have been contemplating for a long time and it is finally confirmed and it will happen in October! Sorry I cannot tell you yet but I have been working non-stop for this upcoming event and I truly believe that it will open our eyes to the other side of the world, challenge our professional knowledge, understanding of the market and many more, and push us to be better and more creative.


And what makes September truly special is, I was born in September~ I celebrated my birthday this year in the most happiest way… with friends, family and love. A birthday teaches us the concept of rebirth. To recall our birth is to recall a new beginning. No matter how things went yesterday, or last year, we always have the capacity to try again. It is a refresher and a chance for regeneration. That’s why September always means a new beginning to me. I never feel so wonderful about it~


It is a month of bliss, busy-ness, anxiety and excitement all rolled into one.

Hope you have an amazing September and thank you so much for reading!

XOXO Eryn ❤

Glitter Blue 3

When Everything Else Fails…

Eryn Birthday 8

One Year Wiser [Happy Birthday To Me]


We’re Expecting!

10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know

8 Sep


I always wonder, will it be a day, when Isabelle will switch on the computer and read what I have written in this blog. (Will my blog still exist when she can read?) If there will be such day, I really hope that she will read this, about what I have planned to let her know. I am going to tag Isabelle so that when she types her name in the search bar, she’ll be seeing this :)

1. Kind is beautiful.
How beautiful you are depends on how kind hearted you are. It’s about the way you treat others, feel compassion, the encouraging words you say. It’s never about sharp nose, big eyes, fair skin and long legs.

2. Keep Fighting
A fighting spirit is an enduring drive that will get you through the hard times despite all the setbacks. Health, happiness and success depend upon the fighting spirit of each person. The big thing is not what happens to us in life, but what we do about what happens to us.


3. Never Boast
I know how much you want to project yourself positively. But keep in mind that everything that you have, even yourself, belongs to God. Bragging will only make you look insecure.

4. Respect Your Father
Believe me, no man on earth loves you like your father does. Cherish the moment you spend with him and try not to make him angry. He is a good man, so make sure he gets all the respect he deserves.

5. Magic Is Real
You have to believe in all the wonderful and amazing things in life. There are too much negativities in the world, do not be defeated by them. Be hopeful and believe in miracles.


6. Work Hard
Nothing good and enjoyable comes easy. No matter how many opportunists you met in your life, you have to remember the golden rule: THERE’S NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS. Be productive and fruitful. Do something that will refresh others and be of lasting significance. Be filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes from God.

7. Dream
Man with no dream is like bird without wings. Do not dream at night, dream all day, dream for a living… And remember this, no dream comes true until you act and turn them into realities.


8. Make Your Choice
In the world’s system, all things are being measured in the world’s standard. As a result, we get caught up in a system, which eventually causes us to fall down and hurt ourselves. When you start thinking and acting like the world, you begin trying to accumulate all the things the world accumulates. Then you start measuring whether you are a success by the world’s standards instead of God’s standard. God’s standard is never based on success in this world, whether you are pretty, have three cars, live in a castle,  have a university degree, or see your name printed often in the Forbes magazine. With God, none of these things equals success.

When you get wrapped up in the world’s system and the world’s covetousness, then instead of acting upon God’s promises to you, you begin to think the world’s way. What happens when you do that? You start putting pressure on yourself to obtain the things of this world. And in the end, you get nothing, but emptiness.

So make sure you walk the right path and make the right choice.


9. Be Thankful
Baby, you are not going to believe how lucky and blessed we both are. So, be grateful to all that in your life. Even though there’ll be rains and pain, but God said He will never forsake you. Good news is, the more thankful you are, you are gonna harvest this power within you to do and get something greater.

10. Love is the principal
Love is the key to open up every door in life. So you should do everything out of love. Love your family, love your friends, love people around you, love the animals, love the planet. When you put love in everything you do, you will live a good and happy life.


These are the sort of things mummy wants to tell you. I hope it will empower and inspire you to be a kind lovely lady who will touch many hearts and bear fruits of righteousness. Mummy loves you!! XOXO

Thank you so much for reading. I hope it inspires you a little too.

XOXO Eryn ❤


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