A peek into my accessories box…

Accessories are key!

So I normally bring more than what I need in my bag every time when I travel. The picture above was what I packed for a 4-day trip. It was a casual trip, so I cut out most gold, metal and bling sparkles stuffs.

1. A pair of soft pastel colour earrings. It makes every simple outfit stand out. It goes well with basically everything. But with those danglings, I would normally wear my hair down for a soft natural look.

2. A statement cocktail ring! I love it so much cos’ it adds so much glam effect to your look once you put it on. I will always have a piece in my travel bag for unplanned/surprise parties.

3. My favourite strand of pearls. It works magic on girls of every age!


4. A little gold ribbon. It’s a love at first sight! Sometimes we don’t need large piece to accentuate the feminine charm.

5. A pair of handmade earrings from crystals and purple stones.

6. A pair of green cultural earrings with inlaid crystals. Not too big, not too small!

7. A small blue crystal star necklace. I have been carrying it since I was 20! So, choosing quality jewellery is very important.   

8 & 9. My wedding band and engagement ring 🙂

10. Ribbon hair accessories. I can use them in so many ways!

11. My $5 floral ring. This is the classic example of mix and match of cheap accessories with the more expensive one 🙂

12. This is a larger piece of costume jewellery. If I put it on, I’ll make sure to minimalize other accessories. Or it will look heavy.

13. Hot orange is the best colour for beach vacation. I normally paint my toes and finger nails in hot orange too!

14. I like a feminine dressy kind of watch 🙂

15. One of my favourite piece from my 80’s earrings collection.

16. This is a real special one. It is a very thin gold necklace with diamonds embedded in a unique arrangement. It’s a custom-made piece that makes everyday seems like a bright and sunny one!

Little pieces can totally change your look (and mood!).

So next time before you plan your wardrobe, start with your accessories!!

One thought on “A peek into my accessories box…

  1. Can’t stop laughting when I saw “During our early dating days, Kelvin even asked me to wear it “down” a little (cos’ he finds it hard to catch up!)”

    doll-up gal, that’s why the world is beautiful


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