Doll Up!!

It took me a long time to finally decide to add this page ~Doll Up~

We have been reading all about 7 techniques, 8 steps and 12 tools about beauty and styles. Honestly, I have no basic rules to follow, I dream and create my style along the way (that is why during my early days of youn adulthood, I was the laughingstock!) “Oh, look at you, the OTT girl!” “Why are you so dressed up?” Yupe, that’s me!

During our early dating days, Kelvin even asked me to wear it “down” a little (cos’ he finds it hard to catch up!). The good thing is, people coming to fetch me from airport can instantly recognize me from the way I dress among the crowd.

And throughout the years, I realize, only by getting to know your true self and flaunt it with utmost confidence is the ultimate way of ~Doll Up!

In this era that we live in, distinctive attractiveness is the new sexy!!

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