Does “effortless chic” really exist??

Well, the answer to this question is definitely yes!!!

Effortless chic* style essentials:

– A pair of high heels (The higher the better). But of course, you have to make sure that you feel absolutely comfortable in it. (Walking like a penguin is definitely not chic.)~I Live in Heels~.

– Nude or bare lip gloss, for a finish even without makeup! Kissable lips are so vital. And you can do it in less than 1 minutes, why not?

– Handbags. They are statements. The bag that you carry is telling people where you are going. So choose wisely for the one that is suitable for the occasion.

– Accessories! Be it the great gold cuff or a pair of hoop earrings. Find a piece that can glam up any outfit in a snap! A peek into my accessories box….

– Hair. This can be tricky. If your hair just happen to fall on your shoulder happily, then that’s good, brush them well and you are done. But if you are just having another bad hair day, a chignon will very much do the job!

Yes, that’s all you need for looking like a million bucks!!

Rush to the airport, get ready time: 10 minutes!! (Black T-shirt dress is great that I can wear them over and over by changing my accessories~)

*Well, true “effortless” chic could really rely on Poise. And this is more complicated compare to style. It’s the chicness in the manner, the way you carry yourself, intelligence, natural allure, expecting to be noticed but not showcasing any one thing. Good luck!

What do I wear during day off?.

2 thoughts on “Does “effortless chic” really exist??

  1. “They are statements. The bag that you carry is telling people where you are going.”
    I have never really thought about it like this – but this explains perfectly my obsession with finding the perfect carry-all that literally carry’s all without looking drab!
    I love effortless chic and agree with you completely on the heels/nude lip/bags – LOVE IT xx


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