Erm… I don’t cook.

Unlike Kelvin, who has cultivated an exclusive menu of signature dishes, I don’t cook.

Not that I don’t know how to cook, but I am more to a 30-mins-meal type of girl. Roast potato to golden brown and sit on the kitchen bench for 1.5 hour is just so not me. And here comes the problem, I am a wife now. A Godly woman is domestically skilled!! And I started to feel embarrassed when being asked what do I normally cook at home? Well, I think I shall start polishing my domestic skill from now on… (Hehe…I can see that questioning look on Kelvin’s face.)

So, while flipping through his masterchef cookbook, I contemplate the menu(??) for Wednesday dinner: (*Grin*)

– Eryn’s Special Soup

– Sam’s Pan-roasted Chicken with Potato and Zucchini Rosti

– Chargrilled Stuffed Squid

(Let’s leave the dessert out for the time being… aim high does no good for me)

Will keep you posted on the outcome. Till then, wish me luck!! Chunks of them 🙂

Look at MasterChef Attempt: Succeeded!!.!!

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