DIY Table Centerpiece for Home Party

We are going to host a party at home this coming weekend. Having in mind that my culinary skill is not impressive (Erm… I don’t cook..), I quickly make up my mind to set up a nicey table centerpiece 🙂

First of all, we need some big flowers (they will be the main flowers).

Then we need smaller flowers, preferably a complimentary colour to the main flowers.

A nicey display! To set up a table centerpiece, I choose something with a smaller base, so that it doesn’t occupy too much space on the table.

We need a small round sponge in the middle, with its bottom cut so that it can sit on the display plate.

Then arrange the bigger flowers first, in a “cross” pattern.

Then add flowers in between space.

Always inspect from different angles to ensure the “round” shape of the flowers.

After all main flowers are in place, we can now proceed to inserting the smaller flowers.

Hold them into the round shape properly.

And then I can start inserting the crystals!! They are available from craft shop. My favourite are pearl strands, but since I have only got crystals in hand, I’ll start with them!

And now, the final touch.


My table centerpiece for the home party~


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