A lot. A lot.

I’ve been reading this book called “What French Women Know” and in the first chapter, it tells how French women know about Men.

“A lot. A lot. You have to love men a lot. Otherwise, they are simply unbearable.”

Living in today’s modern society, girls like us are being taught all about feminism and we are trained to slay dragons ourselves. And this has set a foundation for modern relationship. We always look for equality. I do this for you; now you do that. And many times we forgot, love is not a balance sheet. It doesn’t work that way! I cook the dinner and now you wash the dishes is a typical reflection of modern couple, but where does love come in?? The equality that we are seeking for, could blind us from seeing the love. Men are not women, and they will never be. And how can we exchange love with something that we want; and not for the well-being of our spouse?? And here comes the “a lot, a lot”. We just need to learn to love them more!

This “a lot a lot” keeps repeating on my mind and whenever I look at my husband, I’ll think of this a lot a lot. And all of a sudden, I can look at his bad behaviours more objectively. (Read also Sex & Affection.)

To end, “living happily with men is about finding a way to achieve reciprocity and complementary, not perfect fifty-fifty”.

“How’s married life?”.

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