~I Live in Heels~

I believe in a good pair of heels will bring you to a better place closer to dream. That’s why in most of my waking hours, I am always in a pair of comfortable heels.

It doesn’t only improve the body posture; it also makes you walk more gracefully. I can jog confidently in three-inch heels and will wear nothing less than that.

To me heels is one of the elements that makes up the “glam” factor. A life of glamour and style makes everything that much more electrifying, that much more engaging. And I am deeply in love with that. (I’ll make sure I wear my highest heels whenever there’s an important event). And that’s why I always encourage my girl friends, dress “up” whenever you can! If you show up looking a bit more glam than the rest, what’s the worst case scenario? You look the best in the room? When someone gets catty over it, you can always just proclaim that you have another event to go afterwards (which I always do). Then it looks like you planned the night right and that you have somewhere more fabulous to go! I notice that you can never really go wrong doing it up, as long as you feel comfortable.

So, find your inner fashionista, throw on a pair of nice heels and start to look and live more glamourously!!

9 thoughts on “~I Live in Heels~

  1. hi eryn!!I reli like reading ur posts theyre very insightful!:) can u do a tutorial on ur hair?it always looks so immaculate!:)


  2. These are beautiful photographs. I’ve been chatting to students in China today, their latest assignment is really difficult. They are already past the deadline! I usually find them easy but not this one! They are at Xiaogan University doing business studies.


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