“How’s married life?”

“How’s married life?”

Almost everyone that I encounter nowadays asked me this question.

“Great! Although I’m still trying to figure out how to work the washing machine… keke…”.

As a married woman now myself, I dive into God’s words and look for the recipe to be a good wife. And there is no other Scripture portion that even remotely gives such a detailed description of the “virtuous woman” as does Proverbs 31:10-31. Repeating some of the highlights, the woman that God’s Word describes as praiseworthy:

• is of noble character

• is fully trustworthy

• is an asset to her husband

• is domestically skilled <— (“o) !!!

• is concerned that her household be well and nutritiously fed  (See MasterChef Attempt: Succeeded!!.)

• is diligent, arising before dawn and busy until after dark

• is endowed with a good business sense, even to the point of buying a field and planting a vineyard

• may have her own profitable home-based business 

• is a hard worker

• is generous to and aware of the poor and needy

• is wise in preparing her household for the needs of the days to come

• is wise in ensuring that she and her family are well and appropriately clothed

• is in proper relationship to her husband, who is out conducting his business affairs at the city gates

• is a woman of wisdom

• shows dignity and strength

• is a faithful instructor to her children

• is diligent to watch over her household

• is the recipient of blessing and praise from her children and her husband

• is above all a God-fearing, godly woman!

Such a godly woman has been enshrined in the Scriptures for several thousand years as God’s role model for the virtuous woman of God. I can see from where I stand now, I still have a long way to go… Although I am still pretty much stucked in the kitchen and trying to figure out the washing machine. I wish I could resist the enticements of the antifamily feminist teachings of our day and embrace God’s vision of “virtuous women”. To such a woman God says, “Let her works praise her at the city gates.” 🙂

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