What do I wear during day off?

For those who knows me dearly should know that the one and only thing I do not like about my work is I have to wear uniform. It’s not that my uniforms are ugly or anything (they are in fact stylish and tailored). It’s just that I feel so sorry for all the nice dresses in my wardrobe; they have to spend longer time, waiting for weekends.

I have done the calculation, 52 weekends x 2 (Saturday and Sunday) = I have only got 104 days/year to wear those fabulous dresses!! I wrote in a hundred times to apply for special permission to wear whatever I like to work and my requests were rejected as consistency and uniformity is very important to our company (you know, the corporate identity thingy). Well, then, I am left with no choice but to grab every opportunity that I have to dress up and enjoy all the pretty things in my wardrobe even on my day off. I look at it this way, you never know what you are going to end up doing and who you’ll end up running into, and so you do not want to look like a mess!

Separates that can be thrown on and moves every which way yet still looks perfectly put together, depending on the belt and shoes.

The aim on my day off is to look effortlessly smart. I love low pony tail with minimal make up (Don’t get me wrong when I say minimal, it includes: moisturizer, SPF 25++BB cream, eye brow gel, lip balm, blusher and mascara. See make up tutorial: Sweet Minimalist (For play and pleasure). Casual can mean tailored. I would go with clothes that fit my figure and accessories (A peek into my accessories box….) that pull it all together, like this big piece of colourful necklace.

Saturday night, I can party and dance fantastic in it!

There’s never a day off from style! So put together dresses, denim and accessories that embrace both laid-back comfort and high style, and you can look like you’re living it up even on your days off!

Don’t miss out ~I Live in Heels~.

2 thoughts on “What do I wear during day off?

  1. It’s nice to see young ladies dressed in classy style dresses instead of the “What! You going to wear that out in public?” Er, sometimes I have to say this to my daughter…..:(


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