Everyone wants to be a socialite!!


They are famous, beautiful, extremely wealthy, elegance, successful in career, happily married and almost perfect in every way! How we wish we can live like a socialite!

Here are my favourite girls; capable and truely inspiring~

Isn't she lovely??
The most beautiful wife in Taiwan~
Even without the title, she is a fashion icon herself!
Seems like she has all the nice shoes in the world!

Well, they might have all the nice things and beautiful people around them, but there is one thing that they have in common – they work hard! They are people who are really passionate about what they love and live it all up and reach their dreams. Maybe, they have all the privileges that most girls do not have, but if you don’t work hard enough, nothing’s gonna happen even if you own a country 🙂

I personally study a lot about style, etiquette, grooming techniques and diet nutrition. Although I am nothing close to a socialite, I believe that we don’t need to be famous to live out our own red carpet moment.

Read more books, get to know more people, travel around and dress yourself up! (Read about Doll Up!!.)As we love more about ourselves and learn more about life, we are already on our path to enter that dreamy, socialite world 🙂

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