Eryn said BYE BYE out LOUD! [Bachelorette Party]

Bachelorette parties are a rite of passage that celebrates the finish of single life for a woman as she approaches her dream wedding day.

To me, the best way to celebrate is a night out party with all of my closest buddies and maybe even loved ones (depends how crazy you want to get)! I had the biggest night of my life before say bye bye to single-hood!

Patricia booked us such a lovely suite~!!
With such huge bathtub 🙂

It’s the best to go with chmapagne, bubble bath, and dear sisters…

Meet Patricia! The dreamer extraordinaire!
Getting ready for the night!

We suddenly felt like we were dressing up for the prom in high school 🙂 The room was full of euphoric memories, dresses, fragrances, dreams and giggles. Yupe, I did Seet’s make up back then, and I did her make up that night! (And she resisted in the same old way~)

omg...the bachelorette!
Smile everyone~

We had a scrumptious dinner on the 63rd floor as part of the celebration!

My besties in my uni years. Whom had inspired me, dreamed with me, performed with me, flew with me, partied with me and let me copied their notes and assignments!

What a view~ (if you are not afraid of height)

It’s all about stepping stars and reaching skies.

We completely lost ourselves~

Before we headed to the 2nd round~

Before she made a scene.

Eryn has got her tiara~! (And now it’s the time to ask people to buy me champagne!!)

The "lobster" gang~

If you ever wonder who took all these wonderful pictures, here, my photographer cum driver cum bodyguard (nobody believes that my future husband sent him to watch over me) and I need to bribe him for all the obscene pictures!!

Sean. My beloved hippy brother.

Here’s some of the “not too wild” picture 🙂

It couldn’t have been better. It’s down to my final few days as a single, independent woman and we celebrated it the glamorous way with a crew full of my most loyal friends from different stages of my life.

I love all of you!! XOXOX

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