What do your nails say about you??

Oh this is one of the topic that I would love to blog about!!

I have a soft spot for nail polish. You seldom see me without any nail polish! Here’s a simple DIY step by step of the nail design that I wear this week 🙂

1. Shape.  Make your nails into proper even shape, square or oval.

2. Buff. Smooth the nails to a matte surface for better finish.

3. Base coat.

4. Colour. Here I chose a dreamy purple.

5. Design. I chose a glittering darker purple to draw the tips.

6. Dots. I used a paint brush to draw dots.

7. Apply clear top coat. So that it could last longer!

8. Viola!~

Nails are like jewelries that we wear on hand. (See A peek into my accessories box….)With the wide variety of nail color alternatives out there we have the opportunity to let our nails show off our wild side. Each nail polish color/design says one thing about the individual who wears it, their style, their individuality and their outlook on life. Of course, your nails designs also depend on your status. You should not put up an image that is not suited to your personality, particularly if you will just go to school or to your office. Choose wisely or consult an expert and be attractive!

Pretty nails make me happy! (Oh I am so superficial! Keke…)

Try it out and hope it works the same magic on you too!!

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