Quick & Easy Makeup Tutorial: Elegance Startlet (For party and night out)

Yeah it’s FRIDAY~ How should you paint your face for the night out using the Make Up starter kit??

Step 1: Apply BB cream even on your face. Dab on abit more to cover blemish and dark circles. DO NOT put on too much, because the when the camera flashes, your face will look ghostly 🙂

Step 2: Draw your eyebrows with eyeliner and brush it out with the eyebrow brush.

Step 3: Highlight the brow bone with colour “a”. Colour entire eyelid with colour “b”. Paint a thin layer of colour “c” just above eyelid.

Step 4: Use the same colour for lower eyeline. And highlight your tear duct with “d”.

Step 5: Use the pencil eyeliner to line up your eyes and draw a tip at the end (to create a mini cat eye).

Step 6: Apply mascara. Both upper lash and lower lash. (To make the eyes look bigger!)

Step 7: Use the pink shadow as blusher. As it is night time, you could put on a lil’ bit more. Highlight your nose with the white powder.

Step 8: Apply the hot red lip colour.

Step 9: Apply lip gloss! For the perfect last touch, apply a dab of lip gloss on the center of your lips. Your lips will look plumper than ever 🙂

And ta-da… Party time!!

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Difficulty Level: Medium

Choose your party outfit and dance away!!

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