CLINIQUE face-to-face: Things that you would ask a Make-Up consultant!!

Have you ever imagine, if you are going to learn from a professional make up artist, what are the questions that you would want to ask?

CLINIQUE was kind enough to offer me a make up tutorial with their senior make up consultant. Hoo!!~  I was so excited to learn from the expert and so I quickly wrote down what I want to ask during the tutorial (I know, I am so kiasu right…Hehe…). I have got a long list of questions, but here’s the only question I asked:

How to create natural, flawless make up?

Beautiful skin is vital. For your daily skin regimen, you must wait until the product was fully absorbed before applying another.

Foundation: The best combination to create natural flawless look = Liquid foundation + Loose Powder

(Liquid foundation + compact powder = dull + powdery) <—- I think that’s me (“o)

While applying loose powder, focus on your T zone and brush on excess powder in circular motion on your cheeks.

Brow: Your brows are more important than you think! Use your brow brush and dab on brown powder and apply at the arch of your brow. Then use your brush to draw it to the end and to the front. To create a more natural look, here’s the tip David taught me: used and cleaned mascara tip!! (Wonder how??) Brush it from start to end. And it creates such a natural finish! (You should really really try it!)

And this is the highlight of the tutorial: how to enhance your feature?

Use a light concealer and paint it below the brow. It enhances your eyes and blend in superbly with your facial features to give you a stunning look!! (Oh, I am so happy to learn about this!)

Blusher: Choose a shimmer blusher. Blusher without shimmer will make your face look dull. Use a blusher brush, brush the apple of your cheek upward, then brush downward with all the excess powder. Finish it up with circular motion around the cheeks, then brush little on your upper nose, little on your forehead and little on your chin. (I never knew it could be done this way!!) And my face glows!!

Apply another layer of loose powder and we are done!

The 35min tutorial ended up to be a fruitful 2-hour make up session. While applying lip gloss for me, David said to me: Eryn, make-up is an art. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. So, have fun to create look that you like and liked by others 🙂

How classic!!

2 thoughts on “CLINIQUE face-to-face: Things that you would ask a Make-Up consultant!!

  1. Art indeed. It takes all shapes and forms. I bet you feel like a million buck after the consult 😀 I haven’t had one done since I was in my 30s…now I’m dating myself.


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