Moments of Life

In the world that we are living in, efficiency and speed are everything. We tends to run around the clock and be extremely calculative when it comes to time.

One day I was heating up dinner in the microwave; 60 seconds, 30 seconds… Why is this mocrowave taking such long time, the show on TV is starting already! Then I thought to myself, what’s wrong with you? 60 seconds for steaming hot dinner, what more do you expect? Hello?

Patience is what we lack of. We can’t even wait for a little bit longer for basically anything. But life, is not measured by time and how long we live in this world.

Life is constituted by moments.

Happy moments, sad moments, exciting moments, magical moments, painful moments; moments when you dream and when you feel like you are truly alive! And that is perhaps why, no matter how old we are, we feel that we are young forever!

Maybe all of us just need to learn to live a little bit more. Experience life and discover joy in small things. For you’ll be surprised, people remember people and they remember moments. Time? Nobody ever remember how long a party lasted, all we remember is the amazing times that we had and how hard we laughed! And that, are the fragments of life that make us real.

In between our busy schedule and millions of duties and responsibilities; learn to “feel” your life and experience tiny moments that means to you. Because at the end of the day, we all want to remember these beautiful moments, and bring them with us, to our next life…

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