How to Dance in Cheongsam?

I danced in my mum’s cheongsam on my wedding reception dinner. And ever since I posted my first dance pictures here, everyone has been asking: How did you do that?? Well, for bride-to-be who is keen on doing this,

It’s not that hard as we all thought!! And it looks beautiful…

And believe me, I have never had a full dressed rehearsal before the dinner. Which mean, what you have seen in the picture was the only time I did it! (OMG…I can’t believe I did that!!) Hehe… Here are a few things that you really have to take note of if you wanted to dance in a cheongsam:

1. The opening must be high. The higher it is, the better you can move your sexy legs around. A lower opening will result in stiffness in between your laps and basically you can only move your calves… And having said that, with a high opening, the are chances of exposing your panties. To counter that: wear a pair of stockings or wear a nude colour seamless panties 🙂

2. The designs of your cheongsam. Try to avoid sew-on beads and glittering pieces. It can scratch your partner or make him really uncomfortable and it might end up ruin your dance. If you like the “bling” effect, choose embedded crystals or golden embroidery design which pretty much do the same job and will certainly make your partner more comfortable.

3. Your shoes are the key! Choose a pair of nice fitting dance shoes. A pair of good dance shoes has a suede bottom for you to glide around the floor so that you can feel the floor under your foot. It gives you confident to move around without worrying too much about the steps and floor condition. (This is very important. Make sure you ticked this.)

4. The material of your cheongsam. Choose flexible fabric. It enhances your silhouette and body curve (which is the whole purpose of wearing a cheongsam). It will also enable you to move around at ease without worrying about the crease or wrinkling.

5. Get acquainted! Wear it and move around the house, jump, stand, squad and sway… The more you wear it, and get to know your dress, the more you know how to move around in it looking good.

I am really lucky to inherit this cheongsam from my mum and I admire every details of a cheongsam that depicts oriental beauty and glamours from the old time.

I hope you find the information useful and good luck with your dance!! XOXO

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