The Age of Abundance

For my entire adulthood, I was always lack of a dress, a pair of shoes and a handbag in my closet. And ever since I move to my new home, I have about 15 pieces of clothes in my wardrobe (for I left the rest in my parents house) and I have been living with it for 3 months now. And I thought to myself, probably I don’t need that many clothes after all.

We live in the age of abundance. The electricity to power daily necessity, clean and drinkable water, food products, fashion apparels and materials in any form. From Ipad to electrical toothbrush; from leather handbags to automobiles… We are living in the age of Have-It-All! How magical?! Everything that our ancestors ever dream of is now so easily available to us at the speed of light. (Think about mobile phones, aeroplanes, digital camera, air-conditioning etc…)

This abundance in life is exactly what drives us to increased wastage and distance to our inner self. We are a generation that is desensitized to wastage. Abundance caused imbalance to our life which makes us neglect our inner growth. Because we are too busy acquiring stuffs and we have too little time to live a real life and strengthen relationships. And sometimes we might thought “Why bother? We are living in the age of abundance!”. And this excessive comfort in life will only create temptation to engage wrongful consumption and lifestyle (oh-we-s0-need-that-to-be-happy kinda thinking).

This Christmas, let’s be aware of our wasting and make a commitment to reverse this trend. Cutting waste can have a measurable impact on the environment. No matter how good looking it is, we all know that our planet earth is dying. So, before your next purchase, think again: do I really need this? And recycle everything you could possibly think of and use less of them.

In this season of love, let’s think about contributing in conserving resources.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

2 thoughts on “The Age of Abundance

  1. Amen sister! That’s why I love shopping at thrift stores. It’s amazing what people throw out…like clothes with the store tags attached!? What the???!!! Oh, well, my treasure now! Thanks for the reminder Eryn!


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