Quick & Easy Hairstyle: How Does A Rubber Band Save Your Day??

Oh no, receive a last minute notice to attend an “unplanned” networking event on a business trip! And it’s too late to get your hair done at the hair saloon.

5 minutes… Not even enough for me to decide what to wear…

Here’s how a little gadget can help you a long way! First of all, separate hair from the front part of you hair.

Place the volumizing insert on the top. (If you do not have the item, you can also fix a “bump” using hair pins)

Then place your hair on top of the insert.

Use a rubber band to tie half of your hair.

Tuck it in and pull out from the bottom.

Accessorize it! That’s why it’s always good to carry little accessories in your travel bag even if you are not using it. It may become handy~

I particularly like this “mini” beehive and I’m so happy that it’s back in fashion. It makes your face appear slimmer and it doesn’t take you long to do it.

From flat to fabulous in 2 minutes. Special thanks to Ms. Patricia for the demonstration. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun!

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