Quick & Easy Style: 1st Saturday 2012

It’s the first weekend of the year and I wanted to look better to attend the first social event of the year. So I off work earlier than usual, thinking of going to get my hair done at the hair saloon and spend sufficient time on doing this winged “eyes” inspired by Chanel 2012.

However things don’t always happened according to plan right? I ended up looking like a complete mess reaching home at 6:00p.m. Great! Now I have to switch on the quick & easy mode again. But how I wish I could take my own sweet time dressing up 😦

No choice… I just have to embrace this beauty of quick & easy again!

So I quickly shower, threw on a cocktail dress SJP style, and started to draw my eyes attempting to create the look! And gosh! The wings made my eyes looked longer! No good, in fact it scared Kelvin a little when he entered the dressing room… So remove the wings and re-do…

A more gentle looking eyes! And then hair… I can hear Kelvin starting the engine already… Think Eryn! Think!

Oh yes! The Bumpits! My aunt bought it for me and I have not got a chance to use it! And here:

Results from 1 medium insert and 4 hair pins!

Not too bad huh?

“Darling, I’m ready!”

It’s the first Saturday of 2012, Happy New Year everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Style: 1st Saturday 2012

  1. Awesome Eryn!! I love the look and I really love the changes you got going on here at your place!!
    Simply gorgeous darling!
    Look out 2012…going for the gold 🙂


    1. Hi Alice! Thank you! I have a wardrobe full of mix and match items. I normally get them from local boutiques and shops like Forever21, ZARA, MNG and Supre. Some of my dresses are tailored made and I am trying to make some myself and learn from my friend. Later in my life I realise that we actually don’t need too many clothes, but ideas of how to wear them out in different styles. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


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