How To Turn Flat Butt To Curvy Butt?

Oh finally I am blogging about my Valentines’ Day gift 🙂

It’s a butt-lift in a box (or that’s how I call it)! Kelvin gives me gifts from time to time. So, since it’s Valentines’ Day, I will just call it my Valentines’ gift 🙂 I am never a true believer of this kind of commercial item claiming to have exaggerated results. But this, despite its humble packaging, is really good in turning a flat butt to a curvy butt!

Well, I am still not sure if I am comfortable to publicly discuss and showing this, but this product is so good that I want to share  it with all of you out there who has the same issue that I have. Yes, I am having an Asian flat butt… And most of the time, tight jeans and mini-skirt becomes really unflattering.

And now with a little help from this comfortable shaping pants, I could dress up in short skirt or skinny jeans and show off my curvy body to the Valentines dinner with Kelvin 🙂

Eryn Pink 5
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Eryn: chill on beach
My Paradise Island
doll up
Doll Up!!

14 thoughts on “How To Turn Flat Butt To Curvy Butt?

  1. I do believe I have the opposite problem; I’m a 36- I find comfort, only in knowing that Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba, share this “booty” with me and make it look good lol 🙂


  2. Haha, this is starting to get popular in Sweden as well. You’re really lovely without that butt lifter as well, Erin, but I know it’s funny to play with your looks! 🙂 I already have a big butt even thought being pretty slim, so it would look hilarious on me I guess. Maybe buy one and make success in summer with a short skirt? 😉 Love/Linda


  3. Eryn, just to add, I have successfully added 4″ to my butt naturally I have lots of tips and tricks with how you can do it. There is no overnight miracle worker but I have used exercise for the most and have gone from 33″ inches to 37″. Here are the two most important exercises I used 2/3 times per week:

    They add curve, rorundness and volume to your Rear. LA


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