When All You Need To Do Is Ask

I like that Kelvin gives me flowers on special occasion, or even sometimes when there’s no occasion.

And many times I heard fellow girlfriends telling me about how their boyfriends and husband stop making efforts to please them after married or after certain period of time.

“He doesn’t buy me flowers anymore…”

(sounds familiar?)

“Does he know you would like to receive flowers from him?” is often what I say in respond to that.

Only recently I come to know that Men’s mechanics are so very different from us. Read here to know more about the Men vs. Women communication.

Why? Why should your significant other know what you want? Or, more to the point, even if he does know in a general way what you like, how should he know what you want when you want it? Only you know that.

Wanting others to guess what’s on your mind is crazy-making. If your partner-in-life isn’t good at it, he will end up feeling like a constant failure. The answer? All you have to do is ask for what you want, and your loved one will usually try to get it or do it for you.

“But I’ve asked him for the same thing a hundred times,” you wail. Apparently, what you’re asking for has a much lower priority for him than it does for you. So what? If your mate eventually is willing to do that thing for you when you ask, stop resenting the asking. If indeed, he is habitually unwilling to give you whatever it is you want, or does so grudgingly, sit down and talk about it. There may be other factors involved.


And here I am telling him in my own little way that how much I like to receive flowers from him and hopefully more will come 😀

OK. He gets you flowers. And next?

Instead of putting it on the table and let it sits till it dies, this is what I normally do.

Unwrap it. And keep all the wrapping papers for your next “give pretty” session.

Cut the stem into your desirable length. Cut it 45 degrees so that it could absorb more water.

Put in your favourite vase. This is a cookie jar, I left my vase in the office 🙂

Smile and keep reminding the sender how lovely these flowers are.

Of course you should use the ribbon to “glam up” the cookie jar.

So from today onwards, you can start to be willing to ask for what you want and need!

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