Communication Conference

Finally! The company’s annual communication conference was done over the weekend with great success!

And when I say great success I mean:

1. Nobody fell asleep

2. Everyone’s on time

3. People keep asking when will be the next communication conference 🙂

A game that we played. Tangled.

This communication conference is designed to deepen the understanding of interpersonal skills and importance of communication in work place. Various topics were discussed and ideas are explored through games and group activities. 2 most significant things that I got out of the conference are:

1. The Importance of Compliments

In Malaysia, giving compliments is not part of our culture. Which means, complimenting each other does not come naturally to us. It’s awkward~ And through discussion and practice, we notice that if we could have more compliments in our working environment, we will be creating a happier and healthier work place. I can see it is very difficult for those who are not used to give compliments, but we all promised to start practicing and make it our culture.

2. The Art of a Feedback Sandwich

If an employees/co-workers keeps crossing the line or failing to meet expectations, use a feedback sandwich or nonviolent communication to correct the situation.

Step1: Compliment. Give positive comments on the significant thing he/she has done related to the issue. “I really appreciate your helping in…”

Step2: Present the facts. Be direct and firm, but never angry and never demeaning. Communication is a science and if you want positive results, you have to be very… scientific.

Step3: Encourage. Project a positive outcome of future efforts. “I believe you would take note of this in the future, and we shall have a better…”

And more tea.
Us in real life~

There are many other things we have learned about communication and about each other during the course. And here is  a final quote for everyone:

Optimists are like sun, they shines wherever they go; Pessimists are like moon, they changes day to day.  

And we can all choose which one to be 🙂

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