A Day In Auckland: The Kiwi Way

How will you spend a day in Auckland?

Have a good walk along Queen St.

Do a little bit of shopping here and there…

Take your time exploring.

Get your ferry ticket to go to Devonport.

Enjoy delicious Feijoa and Chocolate gelato from the Valentino Gelato nearby.

Have yourself sit outside of the ferry if weather permitted. Oh sun~

And the chilly wind makes the day so fine…

While enjoying the sun and the sea.

Hello Devonport!

Devonport is a place with history. You can see historical old building all around. Nice place to walk around and explore!

We  sit down for some late lunch at this really cute cafe, Corelli’s.

The menu is really interesting.

We both ordered this refreshing Homemade Lemonade.

And this mushroom mushie?

And a big bowl of Nacho Chips!

And Kelvin decided to go for a hike!

And a 10 minutes walk leads us to breathtaking sceneries!

This place is sooooo beautiful!

This is Mt. Victoria, overlooking Devonport.

Sit on the bench and chill. Time is luxury.

Take your ferry back to downtown, and walk a little to Viaduct Harbour.

Auckland city. Isn’t it beautiful?

Then rush to your dinner appointment at the Sky Tower.

It’s a 360 degree circulating observatory restaurant. View is superb and food is nice!

Good friends and good conversation with good wine. What a perfect way to spend a night!

Next time if you were in Auckland, you could possibly consider this itinerary 🙂

We ❤ NZ

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