Let’s Get A Little French Tonight.

Tonight, let’s get a little French!

Our host in French Polynesian Island decided to take us to a French restaurant called Le Lion D’or (The Golden Lion).

I always thought I was well read until I see the menu full of French that’s totally beyond my comprehension. I flipped through pages and trying to figure out (guess) what is what~

entrée = starter?

poulet = chicken?

foie gras = ah this I know, the goose liver?

tournedos au polvre et cognac = erm… something with cognac?

au lait coco = coconut?

poisson = POISON!!!??

After much struggle and with my host translating the menu one by one to me, I finally know what I want for dinner!

The night was beautiful and I am amazed by everything on this island. I mean, Tahitian are genuine good people.

Everything is in French here, and after one too many glasses of wine, for a moment I thought I know how to speak French ~ La la la~

It was a lovely meal! And in between raw korori entrée, cognac fillet mignon and sips of red wine, our French Polynesian friend shared life stories and his perspective about life.

“I used to work like you when I was young. Working through Sundays and have long hour day. But later I realised, no matter how much you work or acquire, at the end of the day, YOU COME TO A SAME POINT. And when I look at it this way, life becomes so different.

I always tell my son, the important part of your life is your family. As long as you have a strong family unity, you will find happiness in life without having to acquire too many things.”

As I scooped my soufflé au lait chocolat noir, we listened to this man in his golden age as humble students. Maybe, this is one of the lesson, we ought to learn on this voyage~

C’est la vie~

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