My Paradise Island

I am the girl who always request for a window seat. The window always showcase fascinating stuffs, like the blue blue skies, clouds in their different shapes and colours, dark night full of blinking stars and lights from the city I am about to land on. It makes me feel closer to my dream. I can gaze out of the window all the time and find it intriguing.

And when I see this out of my window, my heart skips a beat.

I have never seen something so magically beautiful. I call it my paradise island.

Our small plane landed on an island airport. And we were being picked up by one of these boats. Wow… Look at the water…

And it marks the start of our sweet escape!

Day 1  

Hanging out at our favourite spot of our water bungalow. On certain occasions, I think I heard fishes jumping above the water!

While Kelvin has his first kayaking lesson!

And more ocean gazing…

Before dressing up for the candle lit dinner 🙂

We walk hand in hand under the sweet moon light to the dinner. I remember Kelvin was saying, why are you so dressed up? It makes me look like your butler now. Hehe… come on, the butler’s wife is trying to impress him!

Waiting for our sophisticated-sounding (Menu in French again) dishes to arrive 🙂

Keke… look at my butler…

Live performance while having dessert: Tahitian dance.

Eryn was invited to the dance! (I was not that dressed up right? I didn’t even throw on my 5-inch heels that blinks)

At the end of the day, we all became the Tahitian gang!

Day 2

Now it becomes a routine to come here every morning 🙂 Looking at the ocean, the mountains, the horizon, the small colourful fishes that swim beneath.

It’s the magic of the sea! It calms your mind, your body and soul. I can have just the same setting at my very own home, but not able to enjoy this same peacefulness. I think it’s about the wind, soft breezes, sound of the waves, crystal clear water, the sandy beach and oh… the fishes!

Then you must wonder, where’s Kelvin??

While I am enjoying the sun and ocean, Kelvin was at his favourite of the house, feeding his beloved fish friends! This place is like a giant aquarium, you have all kind of fishes in it. And can you see this long-in-shape-blue-fishes in the water?

Then we go splash some water!

Then chill on the beach…

It certainly feels like our honeymoon part II!

Although this trip takes 20 hours of flight time and burn a big hole on Kelvin’s pocket, but it’s totally worth it~

 Kelvin all set up for his first snorkelling experience!

Then he’s back to say hello to “his” fishes!

While I am trying to enjoy the sunset while having a nap…

Then dress up for dinner again!

It rained a little that night.

And it makes the night even more lovely 🙂

Day 3

As usual, Kelvin is up early catching the beautiful sunrise 🙂

Then we hit the beach again!

Yoo hoo! It’s all about embracing the nature! I can now see and feel the Tahitian love towards nature and their bodies. On this island, you have no fat/slim. People grow as the way they are and there’s no diet restriction or “less fat”, “less cholesterol” on the food packaging. In fact, I don’t think they consume a lot of processed food. They love fresh food from the sea!

I don’t care about getting tan anymore. (Asian girls biggest endeavour throughout their lives is <1>Getting slim <2>Fair and white skin). It’s part of the perception of beauty in Asia I think. You have to be small, fair and soft spoken to be pretty 🙂

And now, I don’t really care about how many calories I’ve consumed and the bulging belly or fattening thigh. On this island, as long as you can smile genuinely and dance like Shakira, YOU ARE AWESOME! (Well, I am still practising on the later, and I think I hurt my back while attempting during dinner dance last night!)

I discover the “new” me on this paradise island.

And it’s the time to say bye bye!

I get a little teary, really…

 It’s a dreamland where everything is so lovingly placed! We leave with great amazement by all that beautiful things and kind people that we met.

Hope you enjoy this dreamy story. May this peacefulness be with you and me wherever we go next 🙂

Love, Eryn XOXO

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