‘Father! – To God Himself We Cannot Give a Holier name!’ ~ William Wordsworth

It’s such a beautiful Sunday! In fact I think all Sunday is, cos’ it’s HOLIDAY! Hehe…

I dress my “Sunday best” and decided to create this Roman inspired look by wearing a creamy dress and incorporating a pair of gold earrings and my favourite crystal belt 🙂

Easy DIY braids 🙂

We were in church and today the children had prepared special performances to celebrate Father’s Day. It reminds me of all the wonderful time that my dad had spent with us when we were young.

It’s that day of the year when the world celebrates fatherhood. A father evokes very raw emotions. He’s the person we are scared of, he’s the person we go about to with an unreasonable demand; he’s the person we hide from when our grade card is out, he’s the person we boast about in school as the best man ever. These conflicting emotions make it difficult to put down our love for our father in black and white. So on this special day, I’ve decided to write a message to my father

Hi Dad!

We are so blessed to have you. Although you are constantly unsung, unpraised and unnoticed, but we all know deep in our heart, without you, we are nothing.

We are naturally closer to mum and we threw a huge party to celebrate Mother’s day. But when it comes to Father’s day, we all become clueless… Perhaps you have always set a high standard for us when no one can ever match up, it makes us stronger and better, but further from you. You are prepared to receive all unfair treatment (comparing to mum) just to make us a better person.

We know it must be a tiresome task to be our dad. We have made you feel ignored, unappreciated, and even unwanted in the family (Sorry…). We hope we have not caused too much troubles for you and sorry for all the heartbroken moments that we have brought.

Today is the day when the world celebrates fatherhood, we recall the special bond between you and us and I just wanna thank God for your health and love and role model that you have shown us. Also, we want to thank you for loving our mother. For the love you have shown makes our family stronger and grows in abundance.

We look up to you and you have inspire us to become what we are today.

During one of a snowing trips 🙂

To our hero, Happy Father’s Day~


Your beloved children ❤

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