WELCOME To The Club!

One of my bestest friend Joanne got married last weekend to her handsome sweetheart 🙂

It was a joyful event filled with so much love! Ever since she announced her wedding date, I would message her from time to time to follow up on her wedding preparation. Joanne is a girl who is very specific on what she wants for her wedding. She is a bride who knows exactly what she likes. Which is a great cos’ in that case she won’t have to ask around for opinions and listen to what her friends and family say. However, it landed her in a situation where she has to take care of every little details all on her own! Imagine design and decorating new room, contact wedding vendors, arrange for ceremony activities, shopping for all wedding stuffs and with very limited help! And while doing all these, she needs to maintain good figure and nice skin condition. I salute to her. Things can be extra difficult for bride who knows exactly what she wants.

Imagine she might be going a little crazy with everything that has to be done, I text her and offer her my help on her wedding day. And when she said she needed someone to set up the photo corner for her, I quickly volunteered 🙂 I was so excited to be part of her day.

Heading the venue with my DIY gift box 🙂

It really gave me a sense of belonging to this moment in their lives. A few of us arrived earlier to help to create different pieces of it, which, I think was exactly the effect that the bride wanted to have.

Deciding what to do with the photo corner 🙂
Going through the guest list with the girls 🙂
And the pre-dinner cocktail begins!
Lovely bride in her purple floor-length dress 🙂
Let’s go get some oysters to eat while telling the guests where they will be seated 🙂

Ask any girl about her fantasy wedding and you’ll get fantastic ideas and rose-colored dreams of lacy bridal gowns, fabulous wedding cakes, and of course, the handsome groom. The bride floats down the aisle in gossamer and silk. She is as radiant and as pretty as the freshest bloom. The groom looks crisp and nutty in his tuxedo. Nobody can suspect they went through hell and back with the wedding preparations. Behind the fairy tale scene, it’s a lot of work, emotions and preparations.

I’ve been a bride myself and I know it well. Getting help from friends on very small things can make a big difference between going crazy or having a great wedding planning experience 🙂 And on the other hand, getting rejected by your friends to help on your wedding day definitely hurt a lot…

Wedding is our high school reunion in disguise 🙂

Someday you will have a friend that is getting married if you have not already. When this time comes you will want to help them in any way that you can. A bride has a checklist of items that she has to get done before the wedding that is as long as her arm. So instead of getting mad because she is ditching on girls night for the 10th time, ask what you can do to help so you can still spend time together.

To Mr. & Mrs Chan,

May God bless both of you and bless your marriage for many, many, many years to come 🙂

Oh ya, and have fun in Italy!!!


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