Out Of Touch

Recently, I feel like living in my own sphere. Completely out of touch with the world.

One of the reason is I just got back from a long trip and I have a million things lying on my desk screaming for attention and solutions. And on top of that I have a thousand new ideas and dreams to be conceptualized into splendid proposals and to be realized.

I dive into my work and so eagerly and determined to finish it at the soonest (which is impossible cos’ everyone knows works never end). And I completely shut myself away from any social event or sometimes even avoiding having long conversation with people. I notice I tend to give body signal to whoever passing me by:


I am truly sorry if I didn’t wave back or greet you as I normally would. I need to stay focus in order to finish my task fast! I think I become a mad woman when I am completely into my work 😀

So, my dear family and friends (and husband…), very soon I’ll be available for coffee, tea, dance, movies etc… I guess at the moment I can only use this blog as a platform for me to share my life with you now, while attending to a gazillion things to do. Which includes laundry and housekeeping as I have been out of duty for such long period (oh no…) send clothes to dry clean and wash my bags… And when I have little free time and when I don’t feel like working, I’ll play with the latest app I’ve downloaded in my Blackberry phone => BibbyCam. (Look at all the nice fancy picture Iphone apps can do. It makes me so envious…) And this BibbyCam is great, it smoothens skin, and have a dozen of filters to switch from 🙂 I certainly save a lot of time doing photoshop!

Life’s busy but I still feel like I’m living a dream!

I picture myself doing it all~ working with fabulous people, living interesting social life, be professional in my field, the perfect wardrobe, be a pretty loving wife, and a beautifully decorated (well-maintained) home! I am experiencing God’s blessings and miracles everyday. It feels like I can reach up and rearrange the stars 🙂

Till we meet again, have a good weekend everyone 🙂

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