Nail Stickers Anyone?

I have been seeing this product from the cosmetic store for the longest time and wonder if it ready does wonder to nails. And since it is now on sales in SHINS (Buy 1 Free 1), I decided to spend my hard earn RM29.80 for this 3D design and get another sets for FREE 🙂 <—See how marriage change your spending behaviour… That reminds me of how I used to spend hundreds of RM at the nail saloon when I was going out with Kelvin (now it sounds so ridiculous to me, Gosh, what have I become? Auntie?)

It contains 20 stickers of different sizes and a nail file in the pack. I was so excited to try out cos’ if this thing works, I won’t have to spend hours drying my nails 🙂 Not to mention smudging and scratches.

So, I clean my nails and remove old nail polish, trim then file them into shape. I cut the sticker using a pair of small scissors into the shape of my nails. I intentionally left a longer tip for “stretching” purpose.

I stretch (pull) the tip so that it sticks better to the shape of my nails 🙂 Then trim it using scissors. I later realized, it is easier to do it with a nail clipper. The nail file? It doesn’t seem to work on my nail…

Well, this is the first attempt and I took longer time than I expected to finish this. Reason? I think I spend more time measuring and cutting the sticker in shape. The stretching part is also very tricky… I heard that it will be better to blow it with hairdryer to increase the “flexibility”, but I was just too lazy to do that 😛

I applied a top coat just as instructed by the helpful sales girl in SHINS. And it’s done! No waiting on drying time, no scratch marks and no smudge 🙂 I am perfectly happy with that! Well, if you wonder the long lasting effect? So far it survive 24 hours with 6 hand washes and 2 showers. Great!

Share with me your nail stickers experience 🙂 And hope you’ll find it fun too!

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