Ready For A Little Road Trip?

To me, road trip makes the journey an adventure.

It’s fun to pack everything you need,

might need and

don’t really need in car 🙂

It’s time for self reflection and dream about life.

It’s time to play your favourite music on loud mode and sing along!

Read a book and share the fascinating stories with the driver 🙂

Spend some real quality time together, cracking jokes and really be yourself!
And concentrate in spotting cows!!

I always love road trip for it is so fun! Although highway could look the same after a while, I still got so excited. I am like sitting in my own little mobile house, with my suitcase, shoes, food, drinks, tidbits, fruits, books and magazines and the person that I love… Road trips are less about the destination than the journey and I truly enjoy each and every moment of it. Do you feel the same too?

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