Green Is My Favourite :)

If you have not already know, green is my favourite, especially green satin or silk. And I am so happy that this blouse that my mum bought me fits perfectly. Mum always knows best, isn’t it? The green appears here is not quite the exact colour. The real colour looks like  the green dress in movie Atonement.

They say you have to dress your best when going to the house of God.

So, here, my Sunday best 🙂

And later that day, we were invited to The Phantom Of The Dream fashion and hair show that dear Catherine participated in. I wish I have more pictures to share with you. But it was too dark in there and my phone’s camera sucks~ (Sorry…)

However, I can say that all the effort that Catherine put into the show, trainings and rehearsal truly paid off!! She looked absolutely stunning in her black and red Cheongsam inspired mermaid style gown. Here, another picture which is clear for you 🙂

Sorry, one more picture of me 🙂

So what’s your favourite colour?

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