Why Do You Need Honeymoon? [Bali Exclusive]

The items on your wedding plan are all checked, invitation has been sent out, you have got your perfect dress and shoes, and your tailored ring is done and delivered, you are now left with one last thing —> Honeymoon!

Many girls had told me they have splurged so much on the wedding and would like to wait for a few months or a year until they save enough (leaves and money) to go Santorini, Bora Bora or Hokkaido… Well, think about it. What is the true reason behind a honeymoon?

You need some quality get together time!

Why should you go honeymoon straight after your wedding?

Here’s 5 reasons I have come up with:

1. Both of you need a rest after months of preparation, stress and working on the wedding.

2. This is probably the one and only time your boss thinks you deserve a holiday. You’ll get easy approval and your collegues will be more willing to cover for you. And it’s part of your working benefit!

3. You can spend some quality time together (instead of getting straight into mundane life) and gain understanding on each other’s expectation of marriage. For better adaptation to each other’s lifestyle. (Trust me, it ain’t gonna be easy…)

4. You do not (yet) have to worry about who will be taking care of you little baby at home. (from Eryn’s survey, a lot of girls regretted that they did not go honeymoon straight after the wedding and later when they were available and loaded with money, they’re pregnant!) Life…

5. Your new husband will see you as jewel and does everything he could to impress you. Not to say that he won’t do that as time goes by, you just don’t wanna miss this opportunity, do you?

Yes, I know. You have budget, you can’t take long leave, you so wanted to go Santorini, blah blah blah… You may think people often go far far away for honeymoon (like my friend Joanne who toured around Europe with her hubby, who doesn’t fancy that!) But you should really do it now. And that’s the reason for my post today, we can always work within a budget. Today I am showing you my “budget” short honeymoon which in total cost us less than RM5,000 (inclusive of EVERYTHING!)

For certain reasons, (like most newly wedded couple, we couldn’t take long leave and have no intention to spend too much) my husband Kelvin and I went Bali for 4 days for our honeymoon. We booked this villa located at Jimbaran through www.theahimsa.com and it turned out to be great 🙂

Disclaimer: I am sorry to bored you with these pictures if you have already seen them on my facebook. But since it was so nice, you might as well see it again and seriously think about to spend your honeymoon in Bali 🙂

Day 1

While waiting to board the plane.
We were picked up by the resort driver and served mixed berries welcoming drinks!
With a heart shape chocolate cake 🙂
Open concept living area.
Private pool…
Fluffy bed…
We had this flower bath almost everyday, and the flowers smell so good!
Having seafood dinner under the stars.
At Jimbaran beach with live music. We requested for a chinese song “月亮代表我的心” 🙂 To be honest, I initially thought that Kelvin would have proposed here!

Day 2
We have the cook and butler preparing our breakfast “in-house”. They will call you the night before to confirm on the time you wanna have breakfast and they will come in according to your liking.
They provide an impressive menu for you to choose from. On top of that you can also hire musician to play Balinese music instruments while you have your breakfast.
We didn’t do so because our next door neighbour ordered it that morning. And we can enjoy it for FREE 😀
Stretched a little bit, enjoying the sun~
Have a cup of coffee… It’s weird that coffee taste and feel completely different here in Bali. Probably I always associate coffee with work… and so drinking coffee on vacation was a bit… awkward?
Gear up for the beach!

“Babe, is that a beach towel that you are carrying in your bag!??”

“Yeah, why? You want me to squeeze in yours?”


Ahimsa beach resort has a special section reserved for their guest, complimentary! I still remember how we used to pay for the chair and umbrella while we were at Kuta beach with Patricia, Jamaline and Seet.
Thanks to the german guy who was kind enough to give up his cigarette and help us on this picture 🙂

When we got back to the resort later that day, the masseurs are already waiting! Massage session also part of the package… Value for money isn’t it?
And just when I was showering and get ready for the dinner, the chef and decorator arrived.
“Darling, I wanna bring this back to JB…”
While the chef preparing the feast 🙂
Our pool-side candle light dinner.

I wish we still have that much to talk about when we are 50.

Day 3
I just can’t help to showcase our everyday breakfast! Bali style.
Getting ready to go explore Bali. We called up the reception and ask them to send us to Kuta beach. (Also free…)
Kuta beach.
Eryn got her banana coffee!
The view was breathtaking.
While I watch the waves, Kelvin was digging pipis… (Of course, he didn’t succeed.)
I love ocean just that you know.
We then headed Uluwatu monkey temple to watch the Kecak dance. The thing with this temple is, it’s full of monkeys!!! And tourist has to be extra careful cos’ the monkey like snatching things from you. Their favourite items including glasses, sunglasses, scarfs, hat, jewellery and believe it or not, they snatched a girl’s bra before… So, make sure you look out for that!
Enjoying the sunset….
We then being sent to this Italian restaurant PEPeNERO for dinner. I must said, Italian cuisine tastes as good in Bali.
It was so nice when we can just chill and do nothing…
Day 4
Japanese breakfast!
In Bali, we spent everyday strolling down the white sanded beach.
Life is a journey indeed. And how nice if we can walk this journey together with the person we love.

Above the cloud with peace from Bali…

Well, I hope it gives you an insight of how Bali would fit into your itinerary when you plan your honeymoon. Of course, if you have time and money, it is better to go for a longer vacation for honeymoon. Because then you will have more time to spend with your life partner and build stronger foundation for your marriage.

Wishing all of you who is going for honeymoon, an enjoyable and memorable time, and a happily married life 🙂

XOXO, Eryn

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  1. wow..This looks amazing..I live in Kenya and took my honeymoon in Kenya..would sure love to visit Bali someday – an anniversary maybe!


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