Orbit Revolving Restaurant [SKY TOWER]

I have come to notice that one of the popular search engine term that links to my blog is “Orbit“. So I thought maybe many of you out there might wanna find out more about the dining experience at Orbit revolving restaurant in Auckland 🙂 Here’s a little review of my personal experience at Sky tower. As the tallest tower in southern hemisphere, Sky Tower definitely has the very best views of Auckland city.

Admission to the Sky Tower’s Main Observation is complimentary for Orbit guests 45 minutes prior to dining and/or upon completion of dining. So, we went to the observatory deck before the dinner.

You can see through the “glass floor” and scare yourself… Kekeke… Or you can join our friend Chris who jumped on it to test out the reliability of the material \”o”/

Admiring the magnificent view~

Then we headed to ‘ORBIT’, the 360º revolving restaurant to enjoy our “meals at the height of luxury” (Muahahaha, I felt so exclusive already… kekeke)

The restaurant takes one hour to completely revolve 360º, and the rotation is hardly noticeable. The waiter reminds us not to leave our bag or camera on the floor by the window next to the table. Because the table will slowly move and you might leave your belongings behind! Then I keep looking at the edge and see if any Chanel handbags floats by… (kidding)

The food is great! It definitely matches the height 🙂

Pardon me as I don’t remember what I ordered just by looking at the picture. But every dishes we ordered was devine.

If you wanna find out the price, it averages as below:

Starter $20

Main $38

Side $5

Dessert $16

A minimum $40 per person is required though.

If you notice something “blinking” fly past you outside the window as you enjoy your wine, don’t blame it on the wine, it really is someone flying past you, doing a ‘Sky Jump’!

 Our great companies of the night 😀Hopefully it gives you an idea of the overall dining experience.  I personally enjoyed it very much and find it a MUST DO when you are in Auckland city. For reservation and more information, click here.
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