Hope Of Jubilee

Today let’s welcome the Jubilee Year of our Nation!!!!

According to Leviticus 25, year of Jubilee is the following 50th year after 7 cycles of sabbatical years. It is a year of the Lord’s favour and it is when God encounters His people. The heart of God to His people in a country is to receive blessing in the Year of Jubilee. And when we declare “the year of Jubilee”, we ignited the destiny God has given us. It’s God desire for a nation, breaking free from curses and enter into the cycles of God’s blessing. In the year of Jubilee, all previous loss including jobs, family, business, marriages must be redeemed. God wants man to set free from any unfair, injustice, opression system! And everyone is equal in God’s eyes. The Year of Jubilee is a year where man can be set free. It’s the people’s year of FREEDOM!

How can we not celebrate today with utmost good faith that God will transform our nation and save our world!

So let’s put on your most glittering outfits to celebrate the start of this exciting year of Jubilee!

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

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