We All Have Work To Do.

I am showing you some of my pictures while working in Hong Kong and share some thoughts on “work”.
Today, I just realized that I have been working for 7 years now (unbelievable… time is a bitch~) and my advise to those who are about to enter the work force:

Choose Something You Love
1. Passion

Passion is something that drives you to work everyday. And when everyday ends, you lie on bed and smile and tell yourself, this is the way life should be.

You may say you don’t know what you love?

Well, I believe God creates everyone for a purpose.

You just have to listen to your heart and realize it!

2. Work Hard.

After you discovered where your passion is, you gonna work hard. There’s no shortcut to success. If you wanna be the best at what you do, you have to work hard! And if you can’t even work hard for what you love, just don’t bother to tell me how big your dreams are…

3. Perseverance.

You must know that disappointments and failures are unavoidable in life. You need to be persistence even though difficulties and discouragements arise. Victory belongs to those who hold on to the last second.

My boss once told me that for one to master skills that are required to perform at one particular job, it takes 10 years. Well, that means I have another 3 more years to go (Yoohoo~) before I can call myself a “senior”! There will be down times and challenges, but perseverance is important.

Hopefully it gives you an insight of how I look at it. No matter what you do, make sure you are doing something constructive and productive (yes, unpaid job like being a house wife is a productive job too!), so that this world could be a little bit better each day.

‘Work’ is a hard word to define. One person’s idea of work can be another person’s idea of leisure.

So, question for today:

What’s the purpose of work, for you?

Have a happy weekend!!


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7 thoughts on “We All Have Work To Do.

  1. Good point of work having different meanings for people. My mom always told me to be joyful that I was able to work, as some people aren’t able to. I always remember that 🙂


  2. The purpose of work to me is simply accepting that work is God’s gift to His people…it gives us purpose, builds character and keeps us out of trouble! hehe… 🙂


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