Industry Excellence Award

First of all, thank you so much for your time reading. I know I have not been updating recently cos’ I have not been feeling the best. Nevertheless, here’s some pictures of me attending the Industry Excellence Award, representing my company.

Last month, I received a letter notifying us that our company has been awarded the Industry Execellence Award. I was so taken aback that I have to read it 3 times to confirm it’s true. I also asked our admin Ms. Michelle to call up MATRADE to confirm on this, in case my bahasa is not good enough to understand the meaning. It’s beyond amazing~

Then I started to feel nervous… For I didn’t know what to wear. The dresscode is black tie and I have never been to an event like this before, and the honest truth is… I am scared of not fitting in. People in KL usually dress to kill and I am afraid of not able to blend in… Should I get a long dress or a chic dress with more details? What about hair? A clean up-do or a more natural look?

I then quickly google about black tie and look for pictures for the past IEA events. From the pictures, I didn’t see a lot of ladies, but  a lot of gentlemen in their beautifully tailored tuxedos. After looking at a few images, I decided to wear something classic: a bright red strapless mermaid gown.

As for hair, I just simply pin it up like this.

By the time we arrived, it was full of handsome people at the cocktail area. There was a 3 piece band performing some light music while we wander around sipping the “blue” lychee drink.

From the foyer, we can see the twin tower so clearly…

We met fellow award recipients from Pensonic, Ogawa, Hong Leong, KPJ Health group etc… And one of the auditor that came to audit our company last year for the award came up and said HI. I was so surprised that he still remember me and he reminded me of how we answered his “tough” questions during the audition~ 😀

We were seated at table 45, two tables away from Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin 🙂

Food was nice and there were a string orchestra playing classical music along the dinner.

Each year, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia organizes this prestigious award to give recognition to companies which demonstrates excellence in its corporate conduct. And this year, we are so honoured to be part of the Industry Excellence Award event. This event is really about celebrating innovation and local company’s achievements in the business world.

I felt so inspired. From the innovative products to the outstanding services provided, different companies from various fields shared about their visions and passions on staying competitive in this ever changing business world.

That night I’ve seen fabulous people who builds fabulous business models and products. I admire all their works and am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this event.

Wishing all of you a great weekend!


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11 thoughts on “Industry Excellence Award

  1. Just stumble upon your blog from Yee Chia Facebook, my oh my didn’t know you have such a interesting Blog. Firstly, I like congratulate you and Kelvin for the coming of your little one and also great effort for the Industry awards.


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