Rediscover London

Hello everyone! How are you in this lovely February?

Eryn London b

In order not to bored you with too much of my pregnancy story 🙂 , I’ve decided to share with you my London experience during my great round-the-globe trip! It was such a beautiful trip that has filled my life with many fond memories…

Eryn London 1

I remembered we flew from Amsterdam and landed in London on a chilly day. While waiting to get off the plane, I think I could still smell tulips’ fragrance that was left on my luggages. It was such a pleasant flight…Eryn London 2

The first-timer on London underground…

Eryn London 5

Eryn says HI

The first stop: Selfridges! Kelvin bagged in a very very special anniversary gift for me 🙂

My brother who was staying there then, brought us around. (Don’t ask me why we don’t look alike… :P)

Eryn London 8

Eryn London 9

Eryn London 10

Then Nicolie and I saw a very interesting display window and decided to imitate girls in Amsterdam red light district… Only with more clothes… kekeke…Eryn London 11

Eryn London 13

He said it’s okay to be funny in London…

Eryn London 15

Visited the “M&M’s world” at Leicester Square.

Eryn London 18

Kelvin trying to make calls home…Eryn London 17

The infamous Statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus. A great venue for a proposal, you think?

Eryn London 22

Okay, I know… we do weird things together…. 🙂
Eryn London 23

Eryn London 24

Believe me, it was super-duper cold that day. In order to prove the theory right, I removed my coat and took this picture.

“2 creatures in the world that’s not afraid of cold –

(1) Penguins, (2) Women.”

Eryn London 25

We went for some really great coffee.

Eryn London 26Followed by some shoppings…

Eryn29aThen suddenly the weather became warm the next day!

Eryn London 28Too much PDA (Public Display Affection) I know… But I guess it’s okay in London 🙂

Eryn London 29Highlight of the trip to Mr. Kelvin Ong – Squirrel-feeding time!! He went Hyde park for this reason 2 days in a row!

Eryn London 30Cute right? His name is Kelvin.

The story goes like this: Kelvin was trying to “lure” the squirrel out at the grass and not a single one appeared. Then I was too tired and resting at one of the bench while waiting for him. Then this little squirrel appeared in front of me, and I quickly called Kelvin “Kelvin! Here’s one!”. When the squirrel heard me yelling, he ran towards me and stopped at my feet. I called Kelvin again “Kelvin! Come quick!”. Then the squirrel climbed up the bench as if he is acknowledging his name is “Kelvin”. “Dear squirrel, I wasn’t calling you, is your name Kelvin?” He stood there and have no intention to move away. “So your name is Kelvin huh!”. Then my Kelvin came and start feeding him, Kelvin the squirrel 🙂

Eryn London 31The last stop was to the Queen’s residence at Buckingham Palace. It was starting to get dark and I am sorry that I have no quality pictures to show here. There are too much to talk about and I think I shall leave it till next time 🙂


London is the last stop of my great voyage it marked a beautiful finale to my round-the-globe-trip. We spent more time exploring this city and indulged in its unique class and beauty. Thank you London for all the good food, good coffee, good people and beautiful beautiful memories…

Thank you for reading and hopefully you’ll find London as beautiful as I describe here 🙂


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