Once Upon A Time

As you are reading this blog, I am in Ipoh now, Kelvin’s hometown. Every year this time, we will certainly be back to celebrate Chinese New Year with Kelvin’s parents and relatives. This year is a really really special one cos’ every one of Kelvin’s 5 elder sisters will be coming back from different part of the world! From the States, Australia, KL and Scotland! I just heard from his sister that the last time they had a reunion like this was 20 years ago!! I seriously cannot imagine how it is like to be apart from each other for such long period~ So, we are all very looking forward to this reunion in Ipoh.

Eryn Cave1

One thing I truly like about Ipoh is: it’s surrounded by mountains! Everytime when I am here, I felt closer to the Creator. Let’s admit it, we all live in a busy world. There’s no slow lane where we can slow down a bit and there’s no break time for us. Urgency is our new normal and it defines the pace of our day.

So, when I am back here in Ipoh, it becomes a gateway for me to reclaim the peace of mind and to find serenity again.

Sometimes, it’s good to Step Away from Busy-ness.

Just get out of the routine and turn off your smartphone and take a few minutes to think about “nothing” and fill your mind with new clarity in your life’s perspective. Eryn Cave2

Get some fresh air!

The world is filled with natural lovely sceneries and smells that waits for your pleasure. Get up and go out there and breath in fresh air that is powerful enough to recharge your spirit.

Eryn Cave4 There’s always a Tomorrow~

To reset and start all over again! No matter how hard we lose, how heavy we fall, it’s no big deal if we fail today, we can always try another time tomorrow when the sun’s up!

Eryn Cave3 Count your Blessings.

I’ll write down all the wonderful things that happened in my life, big and small… And when I finished, all the words will turn into magical power and fill me with bliss and happiness…   Eryn Cave6


Taking a moment to see the brighter side can reinvigorate your mind and soul. Smile at the slow-moving checkout lines; smile at the rude store clerk and smile at yourself when a mistake is made. Laughter, along with your smile, brings serenity to even the most stressful situation.

Eryn Cave5

Kelvin took me for a walk at a cave nearby his parents’ home and this series of pictures were taken then. As we walked slowly through the cave and discovered a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green mountains, my soul expanded to worship our Creator. I become so grateful of this wonderful world that He has placed us in and design us to live in harmony. Eryn Cave7Upon returning home, we were surrounded by loving family members that has come a long way for the CNY celebration. I smile to Kelvin and thought of what Mother Theresa once said:

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

Thank you for reading and may all of you find serenity, enjoy togetherness, love and peace during this festive season 🙂



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