Family Portrait with a Baby Belly~!

During our Chinese New Year holiday in Ipoh, we had the opportunity to have our family portrait taken with all the family members! And when Kelvin told me that we are going to have a family portrait with my baby belly, I wasn’t sure what am I going to wear!Family Portrait 5

Fortunately, the dress fits magically, I don’t think that I look pregnant at all!

Family Portrait 9

We reached the venue early to have our hair and make up done and to choose the dress!! To maintain the “consistency” of the colour, my sister-in-law decided that every girls should wear white gowns. And the hairstylists gave everyone the same princess hairstyle.Family Portrait

Family Portrait 1

Family Portrait 2

Kelvin has 5 elder sisters. And while I was waiting for my turn, it really felt like I was in the palace’s dressing room, watching daddy’s princesses dressing up for a special occasion. Everyone was busy choosing the right hair piece and the right jewellery and there’s 3 make up artist and hairstylist working seriously on make up the face and hair…

Family Portrait 4

Kelvin’s parents were the last to arrive and they were the first to start the photo-shooting. Cute isn’t it??

And when we were all being placed together, it was so fun that everyone was trying to find the best angle for themselves and started hiding one arms at the back and nodded a little so that the face look smaller… kekeke….

Family Portrait 7

My MR. with his beloved sisters coming back from different part of the world… Can you guess who’s the eldest and who’s the youngest?

I remember I used to think family portraits were all about cheesy department store photos. But this time, with the Chinese New Year upcoming and everyone coming back from faraway lands, it’s such a fun time to think about a new way to share a little representation the family.


Even though physical distance keeps us apart, Love is the shortest distance between hearts. While I was flipping through the album, I thought, now my baby has images for her to recognize everyone in the family 🙂


So, thought for the day, what’s family portrait to you?

Have a lovely day everyone!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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