Pregnancy Updates

I am into my 29th weeks of pregnancy now.
Yellow 2a

All these while I’ve been feeling awesome and with extra stamina to do more things than I used to. And only until recently as I stepped into the 3rd trimester, I started to feel very different about my body…


I feel tired very easily. Even though I sleep 8 hours a day (sometimes more than that) I still feel tired the moment when I reached home. I don’t even have energy to go shower.

Round Ligament Pain

It’s a sharp pain caused by stretching of the round ligament at the lower abdomen. I remembered I was so panic and went to see doctor worrying that something might be wrong with the baby. My body is getting heavier each day and I have no choice but to walk really slowly. Sometimes when the round ligament pain kicks in, I have to hunch my back and walk like an old lady T_T Not graceful at all…

Linea Niagra

A dark line that runs from above the belly button to the pubic area. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I rub oil and stretch mark control cream on my belly. And just when I see the dark lines recently, I almost burst into tears! I thought it’s stretch marks!!! It horrifies me so much that I thought it’s the end… Only 2 days later when I went for my checkup, doctor told me that it’s call Linea Niagra and it would fade away few months after the baby’s born. What a comforting new! I can still hope that I’ll be able to fit nicely into my bikini and swim with my baby girl in Hawaii…

Braxton-Hick Contraction

This is another scary part of the pregnancy to me. Being super imaginative in nature, I couldn’t help but imagine all kinds of scenarios that associates with the contraction. Sometimes it comes at night in a very disturbingly frequent pattern. The books stated that it is normal especially during the last trimester, but still when it comes I just couldn’t do anything and need to lie in bed and rest and hope it’ll subside soon.

Leg cramps

I cannot really complain about this cos’ it only happens when I forgot to take my calcium pills. I used to think that leg cramps are due to increased body weight and too much walking, but I was wrong. It normally due to lack of calcium, water and potassium. So mum-to-be out there, make sure to watch over your calcium intake to prevent leg cramps in the middle of night 🙂


I get hungry very easily. Everyone are really shocked at how much I eat and how quickly I get hungry… I am so afraid of overeating and at the same time scared that if I have not eat enough for the growing needs… I think it’s better to eat more than malnourished right? Let’s worry about all the slimming down later…

Yellow 3a

In the midst of all the inconveniences caused by the pregnancy, I am still happy that God has blessed me abundantly.

1. Most importantly, baby is doing FINE!! Happily kicking and getting cozy in my tummy:)

2. Hubby is doing fine. He cuts my toe nails for me and sings to baby every night 🙂 No signs of stress at all!

3. Blood tests results are good.

4. Blood pressure normal.

5. Blood sugar level normal.

6. Strong teeth and gum.

7. Good complexion and still be able to retain my face shape 🙂

8. No stretch marks. Hurray!

9. No back pain.

10. Really good appetite 😀

Yellow 4a

Nowadays, I spend quite  a lot of time reading books about pregnancy, confinement and how to raise a child. And many times I still couldn’t believe that all this is happening and I am going to have a baby soon. (Read about the baby test —>here!) It’s a combination of fear and excitement at the same time. Will I still be ME when the baby’s born? Or I need to give up everything that I have been working on and reset my priorities? I have no idea…

Then I started dreaming about an abundant life pursuing dreams while raising children…

Yellow 5a

Children are a heritage from the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is his reward. -Psalm 127: 3

Nevertheless, I am very grateful that I am the blessed one 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed week everyone!

XOXO Eryn ❤

Kelvin in his funky suit...
We’re Expecting!
Family Portrait 5
Family Portrait with a Baby Belly~!
Eryn IAG2a
It’s A Girl!

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