And They are Learning How To Change Nappies!

 OMG, I just can’t imagine we are seriously doing this!! IMG_0507


It all started in one fine Sunday afternoon when Kelvin and I were shopping for our little baby. We were standing in the middle of the baby section and have absolute NO CLUES of what to buy for a newborn!  I always thought it would be easy and when we stood with our empty shopping cart, in the middle of milk bottles, teats in various sizes, baby clothing in different patterns, mittens, booties, face towels, nappies, nail clippers, powder, detergent, shampoo… etc. I realized that I know nothing about babies at all!! So we ended up stalking other couples and see what they bought and carried in their shopping carts… T.T

And we made up our mind to attend this 4-hour antenatal class and getting ourselves a little bit more prepared~


It was held every third Saturday of each month at Johor Specialist Hospital. Fee is RM32 per couple. Programme includes:

Nutrition during Pregnancy

Antenatal Exercise

Preparation for Delivery

Type of Delivery

Pain Relief

Care of Newborn

Feeding Your Baby


Visit to Delivery Suite and Nursery 


The pictures above and below were a gyneacologist demonstrate on instrumental delivery, using vacuum and forceps. Believe me, I was horrified by the different kinds of delivery methods and procedures involved. They all sounded so “invasive” and “painful”! I mean, cutting vaginal opening, incision in the abdomen, extracting baby out using forceps and suck it out using vacuum??

Despite all the scary stories, I think I have gained more insights into what childbirth is about~ And know what we should expect when the time comes~

Good thing was, the package includes refreshment during tea break! Let’s chew something before learning how to bath the baby 🙂IMG_0506

A trained nurse showed us how to clean the baby in the most skilful way I’ve ever seen! I think I will need a lot of practices to get it right 🙂

And here’s the labour room!!! IMG_0509

(I still can’t believe we are living to see this day coming!!)IMG_0508

The little baby warmer where newborn baby would be put in~IMG_0500

And Aha~ Our happy baby bag full of goodies!IMG_0511

For the price of RM32.00, it’s so value-for-money! I would definitely recommend this program to those first time parents like us, who wish to learn more about childbirth and taking care of baby.

You can call 07-2253000 (ext 735) to make your booking.

IMG_0510As I walked down the corridor on the way out, overwhelmed by all the informations that I have in my mind, I have an instant realisation:

Childbirths and babies are act of God!

Anything could happen during pregnancy and during childbirth labour. We, as human, simply can’t do it without His love, grace and mercy. Through today’s lesson, I realised that everyone was once the “miracle baby”. God desired our lives even when we were still in the womb. He wonderfully knits us together. He didn’t need an ultrasound to rejoice at seeing the first beatings of our hearts. And it doesn’t matter what we have been through or where we are now, He desires us still.

I touched my belly and started to give thanks.

When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee… Isaiah 43:2

Thank you so much reading 🙂 Have a great day!


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