5 Ways To Wear A MICCIMO Silk Scarf


When I first see this delicate silk scarf shawl, I know I must have it 🙂

Unlike other conventional shawl, this silk scarf shawl comes in a very unique cutting. It opens at one end, and allow you to wear it in various ways! image

1. Scarf Jacket

Put the open end around your neck and it instantly becomes a jacket. image

You can adjust the length of the sleeve by folding it up.


It keeps you warm and I reckon it would be great for travel especially when you are travelling by plane. I love to bring oversized scarf  instead of a bulky coat with me on board. When it gets chilly in the cabin, I will wrap it around my shoulder and it doesn’t take up too much space 🙂


2. Scarf Jacket with Collar

Flip the scarf so that it forms a beautiful collar. If you can’t see it clearly in the picture above, it’s something like this:

Collar scarf

3. Off Shoulder Wrap

Place the open part over your shoulder and pin the other side using a safety pin. It becomes a cute off shoulder wrap! You can pair it up with sundresses, long pants or denim short pants. image

4. Boho Chic

Tie a knot and position it at the height of your collar bone.


Fold the other half of the scarf from the back and place it over your shoulder 🙂 image

5. Halter Neck Dress

Place the open part at your back and wrap it from your underarm, then tie a knot at the back of your neck. image

This is my favourite way of wearing it cos’ it forms a unique V opening at the front. Someday I might wear it to a beach vacation~ image

Besides wearing it in different ways, this scarf made of 100% silk would be a great nursing cover too 🙂

Hope you enjoy the blog and have lots of fun wearing the silk scarf! MIC2 copy

This beautiful scarf is available in 3 colour (Blue, Black and Pink). You can get it from your favourite maternity wear provider MICCIMO ❤


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