Here She Comes


It was my last day of work, I was tidying my desk and thinking to myself, finally I can have a few days break before the arrival 🙂 *excited*. I started to plan on chilling at home watching movies and maybe some last minute shopping for baby stuffs… That night, Kelvin and I was snuggling so comfortably on the couch watching <Oz the Great and Powerful> while I scooped delicious Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream and let it melt in my mouth… It was one of the lovely way I would like to spend a Saturday night. We went to bed at about 1 a.m. and I remembered Kelvin was telling me to get more rest these few days and I so happily exclaimed in my heart: Yay! I’m finally on leave!

4 a.m. I was awaken by this cramp (similar to menstrual pain) in the lower abdomen. I lay in bed and tried to figure out what’s going on… The pain comes and goes with an interval of 10 minutes or so. So after half an hour, I decided to wake Kelvin up and ask him if we should head to the hospital. He woke up and asked me if it was painful, I said it’s still bearable, but I have no idea what it was… We finally decided that we should go to the hospital. We quickly got out of bed and got ourselves ready. I remembered I was putting on my contact lenses when he walked into my dressing room:

“What are you doing babe?”

“I am getting myself ready”, I said.

He smiled in a teasing manner, “And you are going to wear make up too?”

“Of course darling! I might be able to meet Isabelle today. What if she opened her eyes and sees her mother in a complete mess! She will be pretty upset, I guess…” *serious looking face with raised eyebrow*

(I was just trying to find reasonable excuse to justify wearing make up to hospital at 5:00am in the morning…)

Eryn 4am

Eryn 4am 2

OK I am all ready, and Kelvin put the emergency bags into the car boot. He started the engine and as we sat in the car I asked him, “Darling, are you hungry? Why don’t we go breakfast?” (Now you probably know that the pain is not causing any major discomfort…). So we headed McD (*our all time favourite) for breakfast *YAY*!


So by the time we reached the hospital, it’s about 5 something… I was placed on a bed in the labor room and the nurse was trying to strap a sensor on my tummy to record fetal heart rate. She kept moving the sensor and couldn’t find anything! After 5 minutes of trying, Kelvin and I become really worried and start wondering, why there’s no heart beat? It couldn’t be…WHY? What could have gone wrong? The nurse then asked me, when’s the last time you feel movement? <– This question freaked me out, “Yesterday evening”, I said. As she continued to search for the heart beat, we started praying and I almost tear…Lord, please… help her find it…

Finally we heard a quick thumping sound coming out from the machine! The nurse spent a good 10 minutes locating the heart beat while shaking my belly. And as she strapped the second sensor to record uterine contractions, I asked her, is the baby doing okay? She said, “Yeah, it sounds perfect to me!” *Relieved* My Isabelle knows how to play hide and seek since day zero~ O.o


So only then I know, it’s not cramp, it’s CONTRACTION~ For those of you who’s first time mum like me, next time when you have a menstrual-cramp-like pain, it’s contraction 🙂

We were being left alone in the room and honestly speaking, we’re bored. So for the next hour or so, Kelvin and I were joking with each other in the labor room, taking silly pictures to entertain ourselves.


At that point, I guess we were not sure that if I would deliver on that day. It might be a false alarm and we might be on our way back home in no time…


Then the pain become more intense and frequent. I find that I couldn’t concentrate on jokes and pictures anymore. I kept changing my position by somehow nothing helps to ease the pain (not even a little…)


So I tried to sit up and see if it helps… The answer is: NOPE. And just when I didn’t know what to do, the doctor came. She greeted me and checked the cervical dilation. “Very good, it’s about 3cm, you will be able to deliver today!”

Really? Like TODAY??

*Nervous* (And painful at the same time…)


At this point, the pain was very intense. The nurse made me dress in a pinky open-back dress and put me on drip that contains a combination of hormones, pain killer and sedative drug (I think, cos’ I feel super relax and sleepy).


Then another nurse walked in and asked us if we want to order epidural. I told Kelvin “I think I can bear the pain.”  There we were, decided that we might not be needing it. It couldn’t be worst than what I am feeling right now, I think to myself <— And later I felt so dumb about this decision…


Then Kelvin asked the nurse, so can you estimate what time will the baby come? The nurse looked at us and said, for first time mother, the cervix dilates about half cm every hour… So we are looking at about 6-8pm tonight.

WHAT!!!! *I almost fainted when she said that! I hold Kelvin’s hand and told him, “Darling, I don’t think I can wait that long~ I can bear the pain, but not until night time. I don’t think I can do it.” Kelvin said to me, don’t worry, we will pray. So he started praying for me, for a speedy and less painful delivery (because praying for painless doesn’t make any sense right?)

3 hours later, my cervix opening was ready for the baby to come. *Hallelujah!

And here’s where the real pain began. I think I started crying and blaming myself being so stupid. Why choose a painful delivery when I can choose a painless one? Why didn’t anyone tell me it would be THIS painful? Okay, maybe someone did tell me, but why didn’t I listen? T.T (It’s not like I will be getting an award for choosing the hard way… Why so dumb? Why so dumb?)

“Mdm Wong, you must stop crying now or your baby is not coming out and we need to perform C-section.”

“Mdm Wong, take a deep breath and when you feel the contraction, push all you can.”

“Mdm Wong, every woman can do it. You can do it too!”

“Mdm Wong, childbirth is the most painful experience, it equals to breaking 4 ribs. Don’t worry, you are doing good. Now, give me a deep long push.”

“Mdm Wong, you are not pushing at all.”

“I can see your baby’s head already. You need to push or she won’t be able to come out and it is very dangerous.”

“You can do it. Very good, keep pushing.”

When all these happening, my mind was blank. I do not know what to do although I tried very hard to keep myself calm and think. Okay, think, think, think, I can do this.

Step 1: Wait for the contraction.

Step 2: Take a deep breath.

Step 3: Push.

How hard can it be right? But right at that moment, I seriously thought I am going to pass out. Kelvin was right beside me, with glossy eyes, kissing my forehead and keep telling me that I can do it. There were 3 nurses, 1 doctor and my husband in the labor room, and when everyone keep saying I can do it, for one moment, I thought I can do it. And if I don’t do it right, Isabelle might not be able to come out! The later part really worries me and gave me greater motivation to push her out. *Sweat*

And in a split second, I heard a baby cry.

When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee… Isaiah 43:2

She’s finally here. I couldn’t help but cried even more.

A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. John 16:21



She weighted 3.055kg with an Apgar score of 9/10.

She is so perfect~

Thank you God for sending such a wonderful baby into our lives! And for all the blessings and strength you’ve given me to bring her into this world~ *Filled with utmost joy*

Isabelle is daddy’s best Fathers’ Day gift!

Awh… Look at mummy’s new toy~

This will be the end of the labor story and starting of a whole new chapter of adventure 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and being on this 9-month journey with us. I am very grateful to all your prayers, kind words and support. I hope I’ll be still able to live up my dream, write a little while raising her at the same time.

*Phew* This is a super long post 🙂 Okay, I need to go feed Isabelle now 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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  1. Great experience!!! She’s beautiful!as much as I am excited about my delivery next month….I fear the pain!! Have a good recovery 🙂


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