Because Memories Should Live Forever [D’ Enfant Galerie]


Since day 1 of Isabelle coming into our lives, we are so eager to document every moment. She grows and changes too fast. And thanks to the convenience of smartphone, we are able to take her pictures and videos on daily basis. Whenever we see her smiling or doing funny expression, our hearts instantly filled with love and happiness…

Don’t be surprise that this is the first thing daddy would so everyday when he wakes up: taking baby Isabelle’s picture! I believe that every parent nowadays do that. Do you also take your baby’s picture everyday using your smartphone?

Why do we do it? Because babies  grow so fast and we do not want to miss any moment of it. And that’s why documenting their life journeys becomes so important. And it was what our parents did for us and what we intend to do to Isabelle 🙂

Snapping pictures is fun, however if you don’t do it right, it will turn up to be like this…


(I doubt Isabelle will even recognize herself!)

Taking pictures for babies is not like taking pictures for adults, it involve certain expertise and patience. Adults or even older kids could understand what the photographers want but it doesn’t work when it comes to infants. Kelvin and I actually tried taking Isabelle’s portraits at home once when she was 14 days old, and after few attempts, we just couldn’t get it right. This is how it turn out to be:


(Actually not too bad right? Believe or not, this is the best we can get!)

And to a certain point, Kelvin even told me that our daughter is not very photogenic… 😦 How could it be??  *Are you kidding me? MY daughter is not photogenic!? No way~* I taught her so much about photography (while I self-snapping) when she’s still in my tummy… So I deduce that only the well trained professional could do this right.


Even during the pregnancy, I always dream of having Isabelle’s pictures taken professionally, just like those I see in the magazines and posters.  And when the best baby portrait service provider in town D’ Enfant so kindly offers us the opportunity to work on Isabelle’s pictures, I was thrilled and exploded with excitement!! YAY!

Here’s a sneak peek from the photoshoot session…


So nice… Now I can have pictures of Isabelle looking just like those from the baby posters~

One day she’ll be all grown up, moving out of town, be someone else’s wife and become a mother. Kelvin and I will be flipping through our photo albums and see these pictures and reminiscing our life journey together with Isabelle 🙂 I don’t know if one day Isabelle might read this blog post: If you do girl, mummy and daddy wants you to know that we love you so much and we can’t wait to see you grow strong and healthy and enjoy an abundant life that God has planned for you 🙂

If you ask me why do we put so much effort into getting this done? I would say every child is a blessing and every moment with them is so precious, especially when they grow so fast and we just don’t want to miss that!

Because memories should live forever…


Wanna know what happened during Isabelle’s first photo shooting session??

Stay tuned!!

(Meanwhile, visit their website here for more cute baby pictures!)

XOXO Eryn ❤

Here She Comes
Family Portrait 5
Family Portrait with a Baby Belly~!
Eryn IAG2a
It’s A Girl!

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