Celebrating Womanhood


I am so excited to finally get to share some very exciting news with you all!!!

What a tease right!?

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on my first series of fashion posts Magnificence surrounding a theme of celebrating womanhood!!!! (There aren’t enough exclamation points to wave my excitement!) While the project is still very much in progress, I have received unedited copies of pictures and I must say I can’t wait to share with you all~

I had the idea for this project when I was still in my pregnancy period back in June, but in the excitement of the planning, I never actually figured out what I was going to do. That didn’t come to me until after I had given birth to Isabelle and all of a sudden everything seemed to line up and running 🙂

I will definitely be sharing updates with you as soon as I can but wanted to give this small sneak peak of something really big that’s been happening in my life.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great weekend everyone!

XOXO Eryn ❤

Eryn 2a
Eryn Lately…
Eryn IAG2a
Embracing Motherhood
Eryn’s Baby Bump Diary ❤

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